How to Use the Language

How to Use the Language

If we exclude celebrities, all we need to remove the sound of all the sound is an important sound organ. It is possible that vowels consisting of eri a, e, i, i, o, ö, u, ü can be vocalized while our language is stationary. Only in different celebrities can the chin and mouth take different positions parallel to the change in position of the inside of the mouth. However, the language performs the most important functions especially in extracting some sounds.

The tongue should be able to move very comfortably in the mouth. The tongue must be able to touch the root of the anterior lower teeth, the upper part of the anterior lower teeth, the root of the anterior upper teeth, and the upper lip. The tip of the tongue should easily contract and curl. The backward movement of the tongue in the right anterior and posterior direction, in the right and left directions, or in the tip, should be comfortable.

If we cannot make our tongue muscles dominate easily, we can see that the sounds we make using our language are distorted. The phonetic properties of the languages of different nations may require different language skills. For example, the Japanese bulun tsu ”sound, the elt the daki sound in English are not included in the” peltek z ”Turkish phonetic in Arabic. In order to make these sounds, we must develop our language within the framework of the phonetics of those nations. If we achieve the general development of the use of our language, this ability will enable us to overcome the problem of ğ pronouncing pronounciation dil very easily.
The most negative effects of language laziness in Turkish are: den c, ç, d, j, l, n, r, s, ş, t, z, If you have difficulty in removing any of these sounds, you will need to focus on it.

Exercise the exercises below in such a way that your mouth muscles are long enough to make them wear out.
- Chew your mouth like chewing gum in your mouth.
- Circle your mouth, outside of your jaws, under your lips in a circular motion to move rapidly.
- Move the tip of the tongue back and forth from the roots in the mouth, basing it on the front lower teeth.
- Take your tongue out. Push and hold for a long time.
- Move your tongue in and out of your lips and jaws.
-Place the tip of your tongue on your lower front teeth and move your tongue quickly out of the root.

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