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Do you need voiceover? You're at the right address!Advertising Voiceover
We are providing the best service with our quality infrastructure as My Produksiyon company, which has been conducting all the voices that will take place within the advertising flows, from companies to brands, events and organization announcements to all public announcements. Our company has a wide range of voice to our customers to offer a wide range of services to our team, our company that hosts all the professional voice support to meet your requests in this way we provide the best support. For both television and radio ads, you can easily find the sound quality you are looking for in our company, which is the most important points that ensure the effectiveness of advertising, we continue to work with great care. Check it out our clients

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Foreign Languages Solutions

We offer not only Turkish voice actors and Turkish voice over, but also voice over 63 foreign languages. Moreover, in 63 languages and with a total of 1438 voice actors. Whatever your project is in dubbing the solution you are looking for is in My Production! With our economic price policy, we bring together the most professional names with your dubbing projects at very reasonable prices.

Voice Over When we look at our experience in the field, we can see how important it is to use the person's voice, background music or effects within the advertising, no matter how good the message and slogan of an advertisement and the more clearly the information he / she wants to give. In this direction, we dubbing all of our work in our studios with the highest quality equipment in the field with a long time working with our voice actors. Technologically, our company is using the devices with the highest level of equipment used in the sector and the cleanest records and also 63 different Foreign Language Voiceover We are also with you. The most popular 3 languages are English, German and French.

English Voice Over

English Voiceover and Dubbing
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French Voiceover and Dubbing

Same day delivery in vocalization!
Brands, firms or individuals who want to perform advertising voice-over work want to hear the ideas they have in mind, or the slogans they get at the end of a creative thinking, in an advertisement. Our company is aware of this to make the best possible evaluation radio ad voice and broadcasting the television commercials in a very short time by providing voice recording work is completed. Thanks to our technical infrastructure that can be output very quickly, we are able to deliver the voice over a day after the demands for ad voice come to us.

The way that our company adopts as a way of working is primarily about the one-to-one interviews and what is expected from the vocalization service. After the two parties become partners in the contracted voice project, we demand the texts to be played in the advertisement and we can give you feedback by completing this work within a day period. You can contact us in the fastest way by using our site instead of e-mail in cases where your advertising slogans or voice over text are available.

Impressive Sounds Attract Interest in Television Advertising!
In advertising films and promotions for television, a lot of people are trying to find a visual-focused way of influencing how the audio infrastructure should be prepared, as these ads are prepared on a more visual background. Whereas TV it is also an area where at least as much radio is as important as voicing. Especially in order to ensure that the television audience is influenced by the advertisements in different directions. television advertising voices You also need professional support in your work.

Advertisement Text Samples

Two brand new soup at dinner parties.
Spoon Fritters and Nesting.
Iftar time, soup time,
Soup time is Knorr time.
Enjoy your meal!

Get the bite off.
Bite it.
Bite it, move it from the ground.
Move your life.
Stop it, Crunch!

Sparrow parmaak Ser
Fucking parmaak Y
Mid parmaak ma
Sign parmaak İşaret
Honey parmaak Bal
Honey finger in the first five of your life hayat

Frigola from Max,
Come on, Max!

No, we exaggerated, but we've exaggerated his chocolate,
Then we blew up his cake, dankek the magma,
Everybody ate.
Dankek !! The only one in the world of cakes kek

For all the emotions she has,
Because he brought you to life,
Thank him today!
September 30 World Heart Day.
Start liking the cabin today,
Becel! Love your heart.

Instant intervention in the summer sweet crisis.
Frosty cottage chocolate, danette !!
Moreover, a quarter of chocolate in the calorie.
Sweet dessert that ties up your sweet crisis.
Your favorite Danette now

Cold milk
nescafe ic,
plenty of ice,
Now enjoy ice-cold coffee from Nescafe.

We do everything for our Nesquick.
The only breakfast cereal is delicious.

Place the sky ramadan call!
Here is the expected burger king sultan menu
For the Ayranli area, Zütlü Datlı Dolcia gift.

Do you remember the last time you dreamed?
Once you had the idea of visiting the world.
You were going to marry in a country you don't even know.
You'd buy a motorcycle.
You would solve that equation that no one could solve.
You were going to sing a thousand people.
You were going to change the world,
You'd have a sketch,
But I guess not ama.

When did you resign?
When did you leave your dreams?
Now, think of them again,
Because we have an idea.
You can meet your lover who left you with a magnificent car,
You can have that house you've always dreamed of,
You can shop until you sell,
Abilir .mesela you can go on safari,
You can get to the ocean in a boat,
Yes, we have an idea!
An idea to restore your dreams.
FISH is all about dreams!
Well, do you have Fish?

That's your life!
When you look a little distance,
That's the trail you left behind.
We have a suggestion;
Avoid this routine! Fly easily! to another place in the world.
Leave more traces,
A new flight card from Is Bank.
The world is yours, use it well.

The days are chasing days,
the friendly service of the four-leaf clover and the reputation of its products spread from ear to ear.
Four-leaf clover conquered the hearts of more customers every day.

Credit card in the form of wristwatch,
Bonus Trink!
First in Europe!
From Garanti!
Anything else?

Thousands of Akbank s heart beats together with Turkey.
This power is looking for a better one.
Growing Büy
To enlarge ..
AKBAnK ...

Since the month of Ramadan,
Then you pay,
Do not say we did not hear,
Don't listen to the points,
Listen to me if you have Advantage!
Fill the food shopping cart, postpone for 1 month to pay.
Now it's time for Turkey Advantage!

I'm splitting it, but Pard.
I just forgot about my card in the ad ..?
Are you in a hurry?
Bonus Trink'ü boyle ink ..
BEEP! I know you paid !!!!
Didn't you see ...?
Well! I'm sorry, I'm disturbed.
(thinking öd.), I got into a taxi, I paid BİP,
I went down there, I went there… then im naptım ya ????

Time is changing.
Our view of life, rules Hay
Everything's changing.
To live every moment,
Change with Vodafone.
Vodafone! Live in the moment.

Who has the fastest internet in 4.5G?
The fastest internet at 4.5G is at Turkcell.
Even the most loaded emails!

You ask him to stop the film with one click, back it up, show him again.
So, you can watch the most exciting part of the film, head to head again.
Digiturk Plus!
The supernatural power you have.

Adventure, ever so excited,
Nature, ever so real,
Life has never been so colorful.
Realistic image quality,
Up to eighty percent energy saving,
The first LED TVs produced in Turkey,
Of course, Vestel!
At home with the world at the same time.
Vestel !!!

Arko When you shave with a shaving foam, you will definitely receive it.
Many times.
Arko Shaving series Ar!
To the man, the story back ama

Dove is different.
With a quarter moisturizing cream
Dove is more sensitive than soaps.
The secret to beautiful skin is moisture.
Because of this;
Ninety-four percent of women,
She's offering Dove to her best friend.

Feel energized all day long,
Lemon blossom with 24 hours of refreshment, this deodorant!
Isn't that amazing?
New Nivea deodorant Energy Fresh!

Those who know!
Excellent odor
Six weeks left.
Extra Soft!
Extra intensive, extra permanent

The sport requires courage Spor
Such as life..
Omo ..!
It's good to get dirty…

If you don't have your cell phone, computer, plasma,
Get it now Start paying in 2018
No installments in ten installments.
Evkur! Build your home!

On the one side of a car approaching water increasingly,
On the other hand you will use it.
Click on arabam.com, join the excitement, win the car.
Turkey! take your car.
I Arabam.co!

I don't need to fill the stadiums.
60 thousand people, to hear my name cry!
I don't need a fun club.
No one will come to me and ask for my photos.
And I'm never gonna sign off.
Tell me anyway?
Am I not an athlete?
Nike !!!

Voice Over What do we do?

  • Advertising Voiceover
  • Phone Prompt Voiceover
  • Corporate Movie Voiceover
  • In-Store Announcements
  • News Voiceover
  • Perforated Voiceover
  • Jingle Voiceover
  • Election Voiceover
  • Foreign Languages
  • Animation Voiceover
  • E-Book Voiceover
  • DJ Jingle Voiceover
  • Facility Announcement
  • Anouncement Voiceover
  • Medical Voiceover
  • Documentary Voiceover
  • Sponsorship Voiceover
  • IVR Voiceover
  • E-Learning Voiceover
  • Phone Prompt Voiceover

TV Ad Voice Over With our service, we increase your brand value and increase your brand's recognition value with our impressive sounds. Just as Radio Advertising Spot vocalization Television Advertising Spot The voices are short, the message is clearly conveyed to the target audience, the striking and memorable value is high quality has been a construction. Our expert text writers in our radio and TV ad voice work help you if you don't have any text work and our expert team should be a good ad we just listed. they answer the question in their commercial voices. If you need Ad Spot, our expert team will support you with our turnkey solutions.

Advertising Audio ProductionAs with all our services, we offer our services with the best infrastructures and voice-over team in the production of TV commercials as My Company. Unlike other platforms in the performance of television commercials, especially in accordance with the visuals and mobility of sound should be preferred because the visual sound of the closest emotions we strive to make. One hundred percent to successfully reveal the best audio performance Advertising Voiceover We want to make sure that both parties come together with the companies and brands that demand to voice before their work. The achievements we have achieved so far have ensured that our company has been a preferred company by our customers.

Voice Over

Dubbing the most recognizable voices in Turkey! Regional Radio, National Radio and Television Ads. We help you hit target 12 with the most understandable advertising spots in the shortest time possible for your target audience. Our team of National Advertising Audio experts are preparing your Ad Texts, Speaking and Production steps and completing turn-key Ad Voice solutions! If you are interested in our Ad Voice solutions, you can contact us immediately.

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Foreign Language Voice 70 Languages


Voice Over Solutions

The voice-over concept contains many important criteria. Dubbing one of them is one of the most important, the character is based on the duration of the movement of lips or voice lips to voice the work is called dubbing. One Voiceover Agency My Production voiceover team has many years of duty in dubbing.
For your company or brand, Voice Over You can contact us for our solutions.

Advertising Voiceover Increasing the pace of development in recent years in Turkey and we call gelişirmesi Kinder continues to gain new voice artists. In addition to a good tone of voice, radio agencies and TV commercials are preferred by agencies and background names. Remember, success with known and recognized sounds is much easier to achieve!
Professional team, copywriting, voiceover stage, voiceover production The stage is working meticulously to bring your brand to the top.

Not only in Turkey, also it is known in the world and becoming a recognized brand My production continues to progress at a rapid pace. In addition to the sound recording team we have, we are waiting for you to bring your projects to life and to bring your brand to success with our foreign language voice actors working in 63 languages with the voice of our globalizing world.
Foreign Languages You can contact us for detailed information about our preferred languages and voice actors for our solutions.

There is no doubt about the blessings of the globalizing world. Internet usage continues to grow exponentially day by day, and as a result, investments continue to be made on the Internet infrastructure. One of the best examples of this is the IP Plants, which are the preference of many companies in recent years. One of the subspecies of our vocalization solutions Phone Prompt Voiceover we continue to carry you to success.
To hear our central voiceover solutions and speaker voices, visit the relevant page.

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