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Canton is the language of people living in southeast China. Hong Kong, Macau, Guandong, Guagxi and Hainan. It is also spoken by Cantonese, who has migrated to live in places such as Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand. The canton is the language used for politics, work and media in these places. The canton appeared in the 17th century, and there are two ways to read it; as official and partner. The official version is very similar to the standard Chinese or Mandarin. Taishanese is a dialect spoken by many Chinese who were very close to Canton and migrated to North America in the late 19th century. The differences between the Cantonese and the dialectic Taishanese are often pronounced. Cantonese is often not taught in schools, for example, children in Hong Kong are taught as in Mandarin or Putonghua. People who can write Chinese can learn how to write in Japanese. This is because most characters have the same meaning.
In which countries are Chinese as national languages?
Chinese is the official language of Taiwan, which is also the Far East country, especially China. 1 billion 397 million people in China speak Cantonese dialects, especially Mandarin, and the two most common dialects of this language are actually these. Mandarin Polish Voice Over and Cantonese Voice They are the most accepted vocalization types, especially in China.
How many people in the world speak Chinese?
It is estimated that there are about 1.5 billion Chinese speakers in China. In Taiwan, which is another country where the Chinese language is preferred, 24 million people of the population speak Chinese and Chinese Voice Over does the work. The upper star in the upper left corner of the People's Republic of China symbolizes the Chinese Communist Party, the Chinese people united under the leadership of four small stars, and the red color of the flag symbolizes the communist revolution. There are 56 ethnic groups in total. The 'hans un, which constitute the majority, correspond to 92% of the total population, while the minorities constitute 8% of the total population. The People's Republic of China is composed of 23 provinces;
5 autonomous regions: Xinjiang-Uighur, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia Hui, Tibet, Guangxi.
4 city directly connected to the center: Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing.
2 Special Administrative Regions with Large Autonomy: Hong Kong, Macau.
Current Situation of Chinese Economy
It is a socialist market economy and the second largest in the world in terms of purchasing power parity. Since the establishment of the People's Republic of China in 1949, the Chinese economy has made rapid progress. Since 1978, when the policy of reform and outreach started to be implemented, the Chinese economy has been developing in a steady and healthy manner with a growth rate exceeding 9 percent each year. In 2003, China's domestic gross domestic product reached US $ 1 trillion, 400 billion, and China's economy ranked 6th in the world after the United States, Japan, Germany, England and France. By the end of 2003, China's per capita gross national product exceeded US $ 1000.

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