Türksat 4A Belgesel Kanalları Listesi (2020 Güncel)

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2020 Türksat 4a Belgesel Kanalları Listesi Total reading time 1 minute.

Türksat 4A Belgesel Kanalları Listesi (2020 Güncel)

Documentaries have become a very good alternative TV format for those who want to know about nature life and science and history. Documentary TV broadcasting, especially in recent years, has made it possible to push the boundaries of its own to offer the best documentary programs in history. Turksat 4A satellite to Turkey's national pride and serves as host to many documentary TV channel. Documentary channels broadcasting from Turksat 4A From the list, you can access the TV channels that offer publications about your favorite types of documentaries for free and watch them via your satellite device.

Türksat 4A has become a very comprehensive platform where ever-expanding TV channels can be found on the TV channels. Turksat 4A List of Documentary ChannelsWe have put together for our followers who are interested in documentary channels on Turksat satellite and listed them for you. This list we prepared 2020 yılına ait güncel Is list.

TRT Documentary 11.958 Vertical (V) 27.500 5/6
TGRT Documentary 12.228 Vertical (V) 8.400 5/6
Wild TV
11.855 Vertical (V) 30.000 3/4
AV TV 11.883 Vertical (V) 6.250 5/6

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