Turkish RTUK Advertising Publishing Rules

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RTÜK Rules List Total reading time 2 minutes.

Turkish RTUK Advertising Publishing Rules

RTÜK Ad Rules List

1-) The maximum broadcast time for adır In-Program Ad Generations Reklam is 6 minutes.
2-) There should be a minimum of 20 minutes between two independent ”In-Program Ad Generals 20 published within the same program.
3-) The maximum broadcasting time for adır Pre-Program & Inter Advertising Generations “is 6 minutes.
4-) There should be a minimum of 10 minutes between two independent en In-Program Border & Tape Advertising Belts alı published in the same program.
5-) Apart from ”In-Program Ad Generations lamaz and” Pre-Program and Inter-ad Generations ”generations cannot be opened, and ası BBR / Advertorial / Seperator Ad Generations Reklam cannot be opened.
6-) Virtual ads and virtual logos can appear every 5 minutes and have a maximum of 8 seconds.
7-) The total broadcasting time of the ads cannot exceed 20% of the daily broadcast time of the channel.
8 ) The total duration of telemarketing broadcasts may not exceed 5% of the daily broadcast time of the channel.
9-) Live advertorial 1 and saat custom identifier spot geç ads will be available as 1 off per hour at maximum 60sec.
10-) Live advertorial and olmak private promoter spot bağlı ads will not be longer than 60 seconds between 19:00 and 23:30, and will be available for the generations to be different from advertisements published in the generation.
11-) For programs less than 12 minutes, pre-ad will not open.
12-) Ads will start with the generics and end with a generic. Other than that, there will be no advertising application. Ad Generations cannot be opened.
13-) The program must be at least 5 minutes between the last generation and the next program.
14-) Sport competitions: the frequency of placing virtual and subband bands can be less than 2.5 minutes and can be maximum 8 sec.

RTUK Publishing Ethical Principles


The Ethical Principles of Publishing, signed by the publishing organizations, are as follows

1-) Respect for human dignity, fundamental rights and freedoms.
2-) To publish the facts and facts correctly, impartially and fully within the framework of freedom of expression and right to information.
3-) Not using broadcasting in accordance with unfair aims and interests.
4-) To give importance to preservation of diversity and cultural diversity.
5-) Not to include race, color, language, religion and gender discrimination, humiliation and prejudices in our publications.
6-) Respect the rights of the people and institutions to respond and correct.
7-) To behave in a common sense in times of crisis and in the face of events that may create fear and anger in society.
8 ) Pay attention not to encourage or legitimize violence.
9-) Respect for private life and privacy.
10-) To be sensitive to women's problems and to avoid objectification of women.
11-) Take care to protect children and young people from inappropriate content.
12-) To give importance to the needs, tastes and sensitivities of viewers and listeners.

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