The Most Famous Voice Actors in Turkey

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The most famous voice actor in Turkey Total reading time 8 minutes.

The Most Famous Voice Actors in Turkey

We will learn how many players you have watched in both Turkish and Turkish cinema and series productions have been dubbed by us and will give life to these players with their voices. Let us recognize the voice actors who give life to the actors in many films and are a branch of art. Who are the best dubbing artists ever? Let's examine with short summaries in which arrays or films are presented. We researched the best voice actors for you.

Ali Poyrazoğlu
Ali Poyrazoğlu, also known for his theater career, was born in 1946. He has been making documentaries for many feature films and for advertising in recent years.

Alya Algan
Ayla Agan, one of the female voice actors who is both an actress and a voice actor, was born in 1937. He still gives education and continues to perform.

Haluk Bilginer
Haluk Bilginer, born in 1954, is a very lucky actor and voice actor in terms of tone of voice. He is known especially for his voiceovers and commercials in foreign cinema films. The tone is quite impressive and remarkable.

Abdurrahman Palay
Former Yeşilçam is a vocalist who has often performed in the movies and has come to the forefront with a more nayır nolamaz style.

Justice Çimcöz
Again the voice of the former Yeşilçam films and reca, I'm going to close this bet is known for the sentences voice actor.

Agah Hun
In particular, the voice tone attracts the attention of the business and the call of the movie Hz. He is a vocalist who performs Hamza.

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He is better known as the dubbler of Leonardo Dicaprio and Matt Damon.

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He has worked as a vocal in the films of famous names such as Robert De Niro, Jeremy İrons and Eddie Murphy.

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Arda Aydın, who gave voice to the young character in the films, dubbed Leonardo Di Caprio in many of his films.

Bedia Ener
Bedia Ener, who has been a sound artist mainly in foreign films, cannot be forgotten with his success in ghost film Ağırlık

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Many commercials, series and film so far, and sometimes in the same season, giving the voice of more than all the different fans in the same season, giving the voice of the best voice actor Özacun right to give the right voice artists come. Some important vocal works of the voice actor, born in 1972, Lost fish Memo, Spiderwick days, Ica Age 4, Fatal experiment, Magician, The price of captivity, Lost (desmond Hume), Prison Break (Benjamin Miles)

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We know the song and the artist Ferdi Tayfur has nothing to do with the old Yeşilçam and the artist is an artist who has danced extensively.

Oytun Şanal
Dallas, Space, such as the way of life in the series with the sound of the character also managed to make you love.

Sacit Onan
The voice actor, who was born in 1945, has dubbed many documentaries, commercials and announcers.

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If you say Sezai Aydın, you may not know it first, but if you say Sylvester Stallone, the tone you will remember immediately belongs to him.

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Taner Karadag made an intense voice before becoming a player and performed Al Pacino in the Goodfather film on TRT.

Earth Sergen
She is one of the voice actors working with brands and giving life to more advertisements. Although he had acted once, he focused on singing later.

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When we say Toran Karacaoğlu, you can stay undressed but if we say Cüneyt Arkın's voice tone, we give a lot of tips. He has a wonderful voice that gives life to Cüneyt Arkın in all his productions. Especially today Cüneyt Arkın has a great work to come to today because Cüneyt Arkın has a very naive voice with his roles.

Sungun Babacan
Especially Hercules, Superman, Tom is one of the master artists who do cruise voice.

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He is a voice actor who has given Özcan Deniz life with a large number of voices in his previous productions.

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Although he has a player ID, he has not heard his voice more than his acting.

Yekta Koporan
He is one of the artists that we hear in our series, voice in the wonderful markets program and prove his art with his voice in many foreign films.

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Jim Carrey is especially known for his voice. You can hear her voice in many foreign movies today.

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Sezai Altekin is especially known for using his voice in different ways. He has both dubbed in cartoons and changed the tone of voice and gave voice to life in many important productions.

Payidar Tüfekçioğlu
One of the most recognizable voices has been with a crazy heart set. He has also performed in such voices as Russel Crowe.

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He is the father of Mehmet Ali Etbil and has given life to the sound of Erol Taş who is in the cinema. His famous laughter is well known by everyone.

Rustic Asian
The voice of bald people who are well known by everyone. We still hear the sound of TRT screens in many productions.

Oya Küçümen
Oya Küçümen, who is also a musician, has given life to cartoons and movies.

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He gave his voice to many foreign characters. Johnny Depp, Brat Pitt has given life to names like names.

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Known for his TV shows, Okan Bayülgen has given life to many feature films and commercials with his voice. Although he doesn't do this intensively, he still works as a voice actor.

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When we call a voice artist who gives life to a Yudum human documentary, you will remember it immediately.

Prompt Betil
He is the voice actor who gave the voice of Laz Ziya to characters like Gandalf.

Jeyan Mahfi Ayral
A vocalist who is not known by the name but who plays the main woman in old Turkish movies. He has labor in many films. Nevet, nolamaz, kuzum, such as the line of success has been voiced.

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The artist we hear more in documentaries. Many of NTV's documentaries contain his voice.

Kamran Usluer
He is a master voice actor who gives Berfo character voice in a very effective voice.

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He is one of the master artists who have always recognized his voice and played with his own voice in movies and he gave voice to many works. Robin Williams has put his voice on life in many films.

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Haluk Kurdoğlu came to the forefront with his voice acting but he did it in acting. He played the father of the house in a series of relationships years ago.

Haldun Boysan
Haldun Boysan, who also performed in the new period series, has given life to the heirloom character in the Kurtlar valley.

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Anyone who doesn't know him as his name is an artist who smiles when we say Stone Age Barny. Bülent Yıldıran also made his voice heard in many films.

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Cetin Tekindor Ruck Hudson, one of our voice actors whose voice is quite charismatic, voiced names like Paul Newman.

Erol Aim
MR in the space path. The voice actor who plays Spock is one of the unforgettable names.


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Justice Cimcoz Bahtiyar Engin Can Dogan
Adviye Öztürk Banu Kuday Canan Sanan
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Contact Ahmet directly Contact Başak directly Celal Tak
Ahmet Uz Bedia Ener Celile Toyon
Contact Ahmet directly Bedirhan Gokce Cem Davran
Contact Alev directly Bengi Ebru Atakan Cem Yilmaz
Contact Alev directly Berrak Bird View Cem's Full Profile
Ayla Algan Berrin Mediterranean Contact Cemal directly
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Asuman Dabak
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Ayton Sert
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Ayşen Tekin
Ayşen Çetiner


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Contact demiray directly Elif Acehan Contact Faruk directly
Didem Germen Elif Baysal Contact Fatih directly
Contact Dilaver directly View Elif's Full Profile Fatoş Balkır
View Bavli's Full Profile Elif Urse Ferdi Tayfur (dubbing artist)
East Erkan Contact Emine directly Ferih Egemen
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Erhan Abir
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Erol Aim
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Erol Kardeseci
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Göksel Kortay Haluk Bilginer İlker Köklük
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Contact Gulen directly Contact Hasan directly
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Jale Aylanc View Kadir's Full Profile Contact Levent directly
Jeyan Mahfi Ayral Tözüm Kadriye Kenter Levent Ünsal
Hero Acehan
Kamran Usluer
Rock River
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Köksal Engür
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Murat Serezli Contact Nuri directly
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Mücap Ofluoğlu Contact nuvit directly
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Müşfik Kenter


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Abdurrahman Palay Reşit Gürzap Contact Saadettin directly
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Payidar Tüfekçioğlu Contact Reza directly Sacit Onan
Contact pekcan directly Rüçhan Çalışkur War is awesome
Pelin Körmükçü Rustic Asian Battlefield
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Serkan Altunorak
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Suna Pekuysal
Sungun Babacan
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Tamer Montenegro View Uğur's Full Profile
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Tomris Oğuzalp
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Clover Ore

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