What should be considered while mixing?

What should be considered while mixing?

The mixing phase is a very important stage of production and the necessary creativity in creating a work is also required at this stage. A trained ear, technical knowledge and experience are the mainstay of the mixing process. Unfortunately, this stage is the weakest link in musical productions in Turkey and is the most important reason why could not the worldwide production. General problems are the use of rooms that are too small for mixing and that are not acoustically improved, misalignment of the monitors and lack of information.

The arrangement of the part to be mixed is very important, a good regulator uses a combination of instruments in the range that will not cause too much frequency overlap, but still called the çok stereo field iyet of these instruments, horizontally (provided by panning, simply by the sound of the stereo speakers). it is perceived to be heard from the right or left), vertical (the frequency distribution is detected vertically from the bass to the tune, adjusted by eq operation) and consists of the depth dimension (usually provided by reverb effect, the audio source is behind the speakers or from the front, even from the back of the listener) should be placed correctly into the dimensional space.

A few simple suggestions can be listed as follows:

- Do not use a hi-fi monitor, they will not transmit the frequencies correctly. Use studio monitors made for this job.

- Improve the acoustics of the room where you are mixing. A rough suggestion is that if your monitors are close to the wall, distribute the wall as completely as possible, distributing the wall facing your monitors as much as possible. The simplest way to make a dispenser is to place a CD rack or a book full library.

- It is always good to have someone who has heard the song for the first time. Mixing of the composer or the editor, or even the recording person, causes the mixer not to get close to the lens. the organizer may find it difficult to cancel a very favorite score, the recording person may not be able to cancel the bass frequencies, even though the cello he thinks is very beautiful, may be very difficult to cancel, because they are very busy with editing and recording, and at the same time they have listened to the track dozens of times.

- Start by making roughly sound and panning balances to the mix. Then try to solve the frequency conflicts one by one. You can start by trying to get the bass of the drum to be heard together. If your piece is a vocal, don't başla mute başla the vocals to the end, you may have to start mixing from scratch when you remove the, mute Par.

- Don't start at the end of the day, the most tired times of your ears are evening times. There may be problems in your sensation.

- Turn on the sound of the music you made and listen from the rooms and check that the sound balance is still balanced.

- Listen at a very low volume and check the balances again. Note that at high volume levels, bass sounds are heard more than they are.

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