What is Advertising? What are the functions and effects according to the channels?

What is Advertising? What are the functions and effects according to the channels?

If we make a general definition: Advertising, newspapers, magazines, radio, television, posters, signage, such as the media through the presentation of a wide range of goods and services to the masses. It is a tool that gives information to the consumer about where, how, what to buy and how to use these goods and services and shows him the best way to make the most of his money. At the same time, it is a great support for the manufacturer to find a good market, to evaluate its capital and its efforts, and to move towards new production and investments.

We can also say that advertising is through sales media. The purpose of all commercials is to increase sales. But no single advertising is enough to increase sales. All other marketing activities; planning, production, packaging, price determination and sales of the product is carried out in accordance with this goal is successful.

Promotion is a convincing and reassuring call to the consumer. The role of the graphic artist of the person who advertises; to attract interest among the most recent product or service, and to create an enthusiasm for purchasing.

Advertising is an art that is a science that requires constant innovation and constant search. The advertiser is the person who thinks, creates, leads the developments. It has to watch, read and learn continuously. Advertising Voiceover The artist must remember that knowing is a pause and learning is a progress.

When we look at the history of advertising; In the first and middle ages we see that it is made in a very primitive way, usually by means of rattles, by the dowels. The artist with a good sense of humor and appeal was more successful than others. Later in Europe; shopkeepers had to make quality control of their goods and they turned to marking. For example, a Roman dairy's mark the goat, the whip of the kiwis.

In 1450, with the invention of Gütenberg's printing press, advertising was opened. In this way, the opportunity to reach a wider public with flyers was born.

Advertising in Turkey, the press is seen as advertised in the mid-19th century. Between 1840 and 1864, the average number of Ceri – i Havadis lines, which were able to increase by 50 points per year, was taking advertisements from 10 cents. Compared to today's price, this newspaper, which is sold for 3.5 kuruş and has 150 daily tragedies, has 90.000 Turkish Liras.

The first serious Ad was formed in 1944 by Eli Acıman and the establishment of a business agency and a wide range of business opportunities for the Koç Company. This advertising agency, which later turned into Manajas, is a new agency such as Yeni Ajans, Istanbul Advertising Agency, Poyraz, Antenna, Melody and Voice Over Agency It was established.

For the first time as commercials we see Vedat Ar, one of the professors of the Fine Arts Academy, in his film company called Filmar. In 1949, And Film, commercial film was produced with animated drawing, color films were produced in 1961, but the bath had difficulty since it was made abroad.

In the years 1964-65, cartoon artists such as Ali Ulvi, Bedri Koraman, Ferruh Dogan and Yalcin Cetin have also been involved in the commercialization of movies.

Radio in the years 1950, 1972 with the start receiving TV Advertising Advertising has developed rapidly in Turkey. In the field of advertising, which was not seen as a scientific profession in the past, it has reached the level of doing business in European countries. Most of our universities have been taught as a course.

Advertising, which has become increasingly important, has been the engine of its economy. When we look at the past years, we see that large amounts of investments have been made in the field of advertising.

1968 In the US, the amount spent on advertising is $ 3.5 billion. In the same year, advertising expenses in our country amounted to 245 million TL. These expenditures were 76.5 billion TL in 1985. It has been. According to the research conducted by Manajans / Thompson, 90 percent in 1984 and an increase of 125 percent in 1985, advertising expenses are seen in Television Ads with a maximum expenditure of 40 billion. Advertising company managers; In The release of imported goods, the introduction of foreign technology and the rapidly moving towards becoming a consumer society ın are considered. Cemajasmaz, the general manager of Cenajans; An Advertising would be done in order to be glowing in the past. Now you have to go to the client's feet. Advertising is the best way to promote the advertisement, so the advertising industry is developing rapidly yol.

Advertising on behalf of what is seen in the development of advertising should not be surprised. There is a story, advertisers know well. American managers of world-famous oil company Shell wanted to meet with the Pope alone in the Vatican. Outside people were curiously listening to the sounds coming from the room. ”If you agree, we will give you a billion dollars“. The pope says, "No, I can't accept." Managers insist on increasing the offer price. $ 2 billion et 5 billion dollars ”..10 billion dollars, ..Papa still,… Impossible, can not, milyar he insisted. The cardinals who were listening at the door could not withstand the Pope's response when they entered the room and told the Pope, n We need this money, why don't you accept it? Kap; Lar Our American friends, after the prayers read in all churches, (Amin) instead of the priests (Shell) suggest that they say. How do I accept ...

What are crazy for advertising. The famous French pop singer Michel Polmareff had his ass taken for a concert in Olympia; On the posters of all the streets of Paris; “Watch my ass here. Listen to my voice at Olympia. ' The only purpose is Ad.

Franklin Roosevelt, former president of America; Yeniden If I had the opportunity to start life again, I would have preferred Advertising without any hesitation in all other jobs. Yeniden, Sir Winston Churchil; Id People's consumption power is advertising food. Creates support for the best living standards. They undertake the best nutrition for themselves and their families, the best dressing, and the best home vacations. En They emphasized the importance of advertising.

Even in a society whose economic rate is falling, or even going down to zero, the Advertising can change its function and provide useful services. Even if many consumer products are out of the market or if the consumer's purchasing power is reduced, it is different to the Ad; Instead of encouraging the use of automobiles, more effective and useful measures can be taken for the public at the moment in order to prefer the mass media. How to comply with the traffic rules, what can be done to save energy, how to help foreign tourists, learning a foreign language, the benefits of dealing with a sport can be announced with advertising services. They know the features of the audience they will address, what, how and how long they will convey.

In Sweden, the government has introduced a change of traffic into a large advertising agency during the years when it changed traffic from left to right. And a certain day, after a certain time, it was a single traffic accident, thanks to successful advertisements. a single traffic crime has not been committed.

In Mexico, in order to prevent tax evasion, how the citizen will help the government is proposed with intensive advertising spending on television and in the press.

I watched on television, cleaning, smoking habits, traffic, retail sales receipts, such as getting alerts, a good advertising agency, I think it would be much more effective.

A good advertising agency works with a large number of units in a systematic planning, research and very intensive effort. In an advertising agency consisting of certain parts, the creative group examines the wish of the customers, prepares a text, draws a draft in accordance with the selected media, prepares the production for the film in the director, while making the film advertisements. The purpose of all the members of the agency is to make them attracted attention to the product or service advertised. Therefore, in an Ad text, they try to use each word, each line in the picture, and every shadow in the photo to move the message of the Ad.

In advertising, it is very important to decide which media to use in the communication with media. If the media, such as newspapers, magazines, are the subjects that will be explained, the time media such as Radio and Television should be used if something needs to be repeated and memorized frequently. Large masses should be used if the mass to be addressed is large. Although the radio and television are the shortest in terms of continuity in an ad, they are the most important media in terms of speed. Ads made with newspapers and magazines show the effect after a long time, but the persistence is high.

Such mass communication is unidirectional. You can learn by touching or asking the properties of the fabric you want in a tailor, and you can decide on the answer. However, when we look at a newspaper ad in the same subject, we cannot ask the question as to the quality of it. Media Advertising should be put in front of all the possible things. People enjoy their own temperament and talent and news. In order to increase the effectiveness of the message, it should be done according to the level of the contact.

Simplified analysis of communication and communication can be done with five questions. Who, What, To, What is the way and what is the effect. These questions should be addressed by asking a message to the public. Therefore, while preparing an Ad plan; it gives his opinion, striking, striking, interesting, news, need to pay attention to the fact that the desire to receive. A striking title, an effective picture, a text that gives versatile information adds power to the ad's power.

The public chooses a well-arranged request, not much to the others. Advertising needs to be realistic. An advertisement that is far from convincing never keeps up. He is also a famous joke. "There was a street with three dentist, the first" Turkey's best dentist, "he had hung a sheet, a second dentist who saw it standing," the world's best dentist "was ready and then hang a sign by the door. What do you think the third dentist should do against them? In a modest expression, he did the job with the sign diş The best dentist on this street “. Of course, the third dentist has collected the most customers, thanks to the credibility.

In printed advertisements, pictures and words, their color, their place in the media and their relationship with the environment are important. On radio and television, sounds and voices, movement time, tone of sounds, text are important. If the appearance of buying a good is important, the type of advertising that affects the eye should be preferred as in fashion and car advertisements. When it is necessary to address the logic of people, such as features, location, situation, results, verbal elements should be consulted. The image Ad should be preferred when creating an exciting effect. Pierre Martineau defends the importance of painting in this regard; Tir Pictures have the power of expression that no words can express with their perfection and openness. Try to describe a beautiful girl; you will see how inconvenient the words are next to the picture res.

People see themselves in pictures, listen to people they like and want to look like, believe in them. For this reason, in many advertising works, film stars, athletes or people are used. In France, the apartments of a skyscraper called satış Totem orum were sold in a short time with an advertisement called uy I am sitting in Totem ifl, when the apartments were empty, not sold and the builders were bankrupt.

Currently, the only reason we see artists such as Ajda Pekkan, Zeki Müren, Cüneyt Arkın, Türkan Şoray, Adile Naşit and Halit Kıvanç on TV is one of the only reasons for this.

Advertising purposes should help the public to learn, find what they are looking for easily, get easy and learn the price. Your partner in advertising is the whole community. A mistake you make will be published widely and will be heard and seen by everyone.

It is necessary to protect the consumer against misleading, unfair advertisements. Western countries have provided it in various ways. Consumer protection; Adopted by the law, decree, regulation and court decisions of the state, the misleading advertiser was obliged to publish the advertisement with the decision of the commission. For example; An organization that does not weigh on weight is intensively producing the bread. The advertiser, upon determining that his claim is untrue, has been on television for days to months; Inst The bread I take off, I fix it, it's not like you're not weight. Only because the slices are very thin, you think you eat a lot of bread, in fact, you will have eaten a little bread. Yed Of course this is to the ad, this time sales have not decreased, but on the contrary increased. Also professional advertising agencies, autocontrol

The protection and control of advertising is undertaken by the organized consumer themselves. As soon as they discovered a behavior that was in contradiction with the producer's own interests, they went on to boycott their products and to strike against the producer. For this reason, manufacturers have been constantly changing their quality, packaging and prices, changing their products and giving after-sales maintenance guarantee.

Social and moral aspects The most important element in advertising önemli is to say the truth. She shouldn't lie and say anything wrong. Ads praising their opponents, rather than praising their property, are not welcomed. Likewise, the likes of adverts and adverts arranged as imitations of adverts are also bad points and are ridiculed by enlightened people. A method that is often used by new ones in advertising is some form or even transfer of pictures from foreign publications. The inexperience should not push the person into imitation. The future of the novice who creates works with his own efforts and abilities will surely be mastery.

Advertising is very difficult as a profession. Since there are not enough experts and authorities in the advertising profession, everyone sees himself / herself from this profession. In fact, some of the advertisers do not believe in the specialty, so they want to have the idea in every job. A businessman who sees a sketch made with a white space drop in the Press Advertisements, can be taken unnecessarily by saying es Let's put a picture of the factories, our awards and the list of our customers here. Imizi

The founder of Istanbul Advertising Agency, Dr.Süheyl Gür Başkan; Ur Advertising is the profession that brings the most prominent and leading creativity. Since it cannot be a creative branch, it is an art that is not a profession. And the advertising is to be loved, the side to be defended, ie, creativity, there is no different side of the charity, ecek he says.

Even if advertising is not a goal of happiness, it is still a tool of happiness. Because advertising, in a way, is the human imagination. People often create their own dreams. And so they can be happy.

Robert Guerin; ”The air we breathe is composed of oxygen, nitrogen and advertising. Üs

The promotion of the products and services that are the subject of the advertisement should be made different, new, superior, different from the previous one in order to attract more attention of the consumer. Advertising is sometimes realist or romartic; sometimes it can be exciting or fantasy. But it must include a creative power. For the first time in society.

Albert Camus; ”Where creativity begins, logic stops,“ he says. Creativity is perhaps the thought of the human brain, its intelligence, in a different way than the other. The logic is straight, and it is unidirectional, leading from the shortcut to the solution. Creativity is another way to investigate whether there is another solution. The only way to achieve success in creative works is to try to reach unreasonable and cheap concepts under consciousness.

Singer Poul Mc Carthey's news of the death, the music of the youth of the fans are exhausted. Some even thought of dying after him, they started suicide. But Poul Mc Carthey is not dead, he just made a joke just to be his manager. In the end, the Beatles community was introduced to people who had reached the advertising target and did not even hear their names.

If the advertising aims to sell a lot more, and with the sum of less profits, it is useful to the economy, has fulfilled its duty. The advertiser. Süheyl Gür Başkan; Gil Advertising, it is, take a pencil, write something in front of the paper, draw something in front of the camera, like a check on the back of the camera. Herşey First of all, it is a job, even a task that requires a great responsibility against the people of the country you live in. Herşey

It is necessary to avoid the deceptive and deceptive aspects of advertising. The main expected service from advertising should be to ensure that the brand and product are settled in the consumer mind and be remembered by leaving positive impressions. You've recently read the papers. In Japan, he resigned from his position as the general manager of the company manufacturing wireless gas stoves. The reason is that these stoves cause 16 people to die. It's safe, no odor. Some of these stoves advertised with their slogans warn that the room should be ventilated after
no bearing plates were found. In our country, those who could not be found when they were first searched, were found to be in line with the cash in order to get these stoves in today's installments, even the customer can not find the installment.

In addition, the packaging of packaged consumer products does not comply with the packaging standards, so the consumer is harmed. It is wrong to rely on packaged products with the expiration date, gross, and net weight. In addition, some of the products that do not have TSE stamps have received permission from the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. For the protection of the consumer, it should be checked whether the products advertised have these properties.

It is a fact that the packaging is a very powerful sales tool. Especially in self-service stores, it is of great importance for attracting the attention of the consumers and encouraging them for sale. In addition to protecting the product, it also provides extensive information about the product. Because it is a visual object, it must be beautiful, attractive and impressive. Therefore, packaging in products such as cosmetics, sometimes even cost itself.

It is a fact that the reasons for the people's buying movement are due in part to the characteristics of color, shape, packaging, etc. And the event of taking is the result of the collision of a number of demands, needs and habits. First of all, feelings like hunger and thirst affect our movement. Avoiding feelings such as aggression, illness, anxiety, fear, clothing, comfort and other factors that affect our ability to receive continuous requests such as children.

The fact that people are affected by an advertising message depends on their socio-psychological structures. What could be the effect of a family, a summer house, a luxury car, the marine engine's Advertising, which brings hard to end every month?

When a comparison is made between the need and the request; need items are sold more easily, the goods that meet the need of the advertising necessarily need support. It is necessary to believe in the importance of advertising in order to be able to make a willing, desirous person to persuade a consumer who does not need the consumer.

Advertising, the world in the economic world is aware of what is happening. He gives information and guides him. Let's consider the absence of advertising, the consumer will hesitate to choose. Advertisement informs the consumer about the necessities of life, gives information and enlightens it with suggestions. Helps solve the instability.

Surveys show that the greatest instability before shopping is spent by couples preparing to marry. Advertisements are frequently used to affect the newlyweds with a wide range of needs, from kitchenware to furniture. At first glance It cannot be denied that although advertising is costly, the advertising costs are seen on the consumer's back, the advertising increases mass production, and when the production is higher, the expenditure per unit falls.

We encounter a lot of foreign characters in foreign media such as television, newspapers, books or cinemas. Heroes such as Superman, ET, Snoppy, Candy, Dear, Ret Kit, Temel Reis, Micky Mouse have come into our lives with many items such as towels, clothes, children's toys, ornaments and so on. Whereas; Micky Mouse, a mouse that is an unpopular animal in our society, is a precious, miserable dog, Superman, a symbol of goodness from outer space, a symbol of goodness with supernatural abilities. Do we know these alien heroes who are passionately watching everyone, big and small, do we know what purpose they were created?

There is no need to think over when the elements of trade, profit and advertising come into the business an Traders of especially strong countries, once the hero has created, have released films and cartoons in succession.

Why do not our heroes join these heroes who watched by millions of people around the world, loved, dressed up, spoken? Why doesn't our Nasrettin Hodja, our Keloglan, our Karagöz, and our Hacivat, go around in the language of other people?

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