What are Sound Features? How should it be?

What are Sound Features? How should it be?

A vocalization - dubbing artist should be able to hear his voice comfortably while talking to the microphone. Too low or too high tones disturb the listener. Such tones will also put the sound technician in a difficult position, since other vocalization and dubbing artists will be above or below the general sound levels in the studio.

An artist must be able to speak fluently after catching the appropriate tone. Many vocalization and dubbing artists are mistaken for hypothetical speech and fluent speech. Speaking very fast and finishing the text in the text and using additional words may not always be considered an advantage. The important thing is the tempo of the actor in the movie. It is necessary to give the player's personality not only in the voice but also in the speech form.

It doesn't require a sound to be nice. Many sounds that do not fit the definition of tır beautiful ına have been appreciated for being integrated into the physical and personal characteristics of the player he is talking to.
The audience cannot accept a very gentle and soft voice, a bloody pirate, or a notorious killer. So, the sound of a voice in the art of vocalization is dependent on whether the sound matches the actor. You can adopt a voice that you will not like when you read poetry in the role of judge.
The opposite is true. An artist known for the beauty of his voice may not be appreciated when talking to an Indian chief. The color of the sound must match the spirit of the player.

Thoughts are explained by changes in tone and speed. These changes should not be random but in the manner required by the role. A non-twisted (uniform) sound, tightens the viewer, does not reflect emotion exactly.

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