How is Strategic Advertising Planning Done?

How is Strategic Advertising Planning Done?

Strategic planning is a set of studies with the participation and support of all units of an enterprise. Strategic plans include the possibilities for improvement, the work to be carried out and the supervision of these works during the realization process. In terms of advertising, it is necessary to carry out the necessary researches in order to achieve the right goal of strategic planning. The purpose of strategic planning is to provide the result of the project by supporting it with research and to ensure that the advertisement performs the maximum effect in minimum time. The basis of the concept of strategic planning lies in the decision of firms to make decisions based on data. Strategic planning is also an important concept for advertising agencies. The creative process proceeds in accordance with the data obtained as a result of researches on the goods and services to be advertised.

The aim of strategic planning is to reach the target audience in the right place and at the right time with the right message and to produce the ads that will take place in the mind. If the target, message direction and media are determined correctly, the brand image of the product which is the subject of the advertisement is so strong and continuous. Many methods are used for collecting data in strategic advertising planning. Researches are made on many topics such as consumer tendencies and preferences, other products competing in the market, and sector qualifications. As a result of the researches, it becomes clear which way the advertisement will be emphasized and what direction to follow. Strategic planning is the basis for the success of ads. No matter how creative a campaign is, an ad campaign not built with the right strategies will not be able to achieve the intended effect. Ads that failed to reach their target audience and failed to correctly transfer the specified message are unsuccessful ads.

The strategic plan is a guide to the desired outcome. The data collected in line with the objectives are transformed into information and help the advertisement to reach effective results. Data continues to be collected not only from the time the creative processes of the advertisements and during the creative work, but also from the moment the advertisements begin to run. In this way, it is evaluated whether the ad targets are compatible with the results. Strategic advertising planning also allows the measurement of the effects of ads.

Strategic plans cannot be used in different studies. Different products and studies are carried out for each product. For the right planning, advertisers must be able to accurately express the results, goals, expectations, desires and needs they want to obtain from the advertising. The more guidance advertisers provide, the more accurately ad scheduling can be done. Strategic planning requires not only the ability to conduct research, but also the ability to express the results correctly to the creative teams. An advertising strategy that cannot be properly transferred to the creative team, regardless of how accurately it is determined, is one of the biggest obstacles to a successful plan.

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