Radio TV Ad Speeches How to Succeed?

Radio TV Ad Speeches How to Succeed?

Both television, cinema commercials and radio commercials are performed. The voices of commercials, sometimes voices of famous figures, sometimes famous voices, and sometimes the voices of normal people or actors in commercials are used. In commercials, vocalization is done in much more modern conditions than before. If the voices of other people are used instead of the voices of the actors who are involved in the shooting of the commercial film, during the works under the name of başka Cast Service başka, after the shooting of the film, the people perform the dialogues one by one, even if there are mutual dialogues. These are then brought together and combined in a studio setting. But nowadays, often, ad voice is made by the players' own voices. Very rarely, a person or a celebrity plays in a commercial and is vocalized by someone else.

Radio TV Ad Speeches How to Succeed?
The subject of vocalization is not made only in television and cinema commercials. Radio ad voice is more important. Because there are no images in the radio ads. For radios, where there is no visual element, the voices stand at a very important point and constitute the force of influence of advertising designs. As we mentioned above, in television and cinema commercials, players use their voices. Here, the use of the voices of the players, the ability to give the desired feelings and thoughts come to the fore. Voices are the elements that determine people's thoughts. It addresses the human world of emotion. With their tone, the colors of the voices, they guide people's thoughts with their timbre, enabling them to experience various emotions and to establish organic bonds with people, products and services in advertising.

In the ad voices, players use their voices in order to create thoughts such as joy, sadness, confidence, comfort, satisfaction, power and quality. When players use their voices to create these thoughts, they use it in a convincing way and allow people to have the same feeling and feeling. Voices in television commercials can reduce or increase the ad's viewing rate. No matter how well the advertising design is made, the theme of the ad, the importance of the materials, tools and equipment used in advertising, even if we assume that they are best suited to the advertising design, the fact that the sounds are not chosen with the same effect, with the same effect power, can prevent people from watching the advertisement.

Ad speecheswill display the ad or cause the ad not to be tracked. The commercial film, which is disturbing and inaccurate intonation, causes consumers not to take it seriously and to feel unreliable.

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