Radio News Program Packages

Radio News Program Packages

You don't have a news announcer, your production conditions aren't suitable for news, and this situation causes loss of listeners every day; then don't lose any more time and listeners Sign up for My Production news packages and start broadcasting on your radio.

Convenient to avoid more listeners Select one of our Radio News Packs immediately.

Radio news, a problem for regional and local radio stations, is now being resolved. No matter what the agenda is in the foreground, My Production has launched Radio News Packs to bring you the most appropriate news for you and your listeners.


Important news headlines about the day and the agenda of the world agenda are compiled from news agencies, newspapers and foreign press news sources.

Important developments in the sports world, transfers, Super league match results, next week's matches to be played, sports agenda in the world meets this audience in this category.

The economy category consists of buying and selling rates of US Dollars, Euro, British Pounds in free market and gram gold buying and selling prices. Your audience can keep up with the market with an updated economy newsletter, which is updated with changes, followed by a production stage with special effects and funds.

The weather conditions and temperature levels of some centers in your city, the temperature values in the morning, lunch and evening zone of your newsletters, and your audience can follow the weather in the last generation.

If you have a philosophy such as size We are music radio, we don't want to publish news at length Radyo, this service is for you. Is it possible to publish important headlines, economic news and weather in 90 seconds from the dormitory, world and sports agenda? We think it is possible! And exactly 90 seconds.

News related to the province and region where you are located meets your audience in the local news category. With the news compiled from the news sources that you have identified, the special news items you can reach from the user panel are offered to you with special effects and funds through the production stage. Local news members can send us local news that they want to read from the control panels. The news you send will be delivered ready for publication after the installation is completed.

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