How to Prepare Radio Ad Texts

How to Prepare Radio Ad Texts

Ad text; it consists of title, sub-title, body and brand and slogan. Texts are determined according to the advertising environment, the target, the quality of the product. Titles, together with text, slogan and brand, form the ad-based ad text. The main task of the title is to attract the reader's attention and capture the reader. The headlines should be interesting, arousing curiosity and a promise.

Attract Interest in Television Ads with Impressive Sounds!
In advertising films and promotions for television, a lot of people are trying to find a visual-focused way of influencing how the audio infrastructure should be prepared, as these ads are prepared on a more visual background. Whereas TV it is also an area where at least as much radio is as important as voicing. Especially in order to ensure that the television audience is influenced by the advertisements in different directions. television advertising voices You also need professional support in your work.

Ad Voice Text Samples

Two brand new soup at dinner parties.
Spoon Fritters and Nesting.
Iftar time, soup time,
Soup time is Knorr time.
Enjoy your meal!

Get the bite off.
Bite it.
Bite it, move it from the ground.
Move your life.
Stop it, Crunch!

Sparrow parmaak Ser
Fucking parmaak Y
Mid parmaak ma
Sign parmaak İşaret
Honey parmaak Bal
Honey finger in the first five of your life hayat

Frigola from Max,
Come on, Max!

No, we exaggerated, but we've exaggerated his chocolate,
Then we blew up his cake, dankek the magma,
Everybody ate.
Dankek !! The only one in the world of cakes kek

For all the emotions she has,
Because he brought you to life,
Thank him today!
September 30 World Heart Day.
Start liking the cabin today,
Becel! Love your heart.

Instant intervention in the summer sweet crisis.
Frosty cottage chocolate, danette !!
Moreover, a quarter of chocolate in the calorie.
Sweet dessert that ties up your sweet crisis.
Your favorite Danette now

Cold milk
nescafe ic,
plenty of ice,
Now enjoy ice-cold coffee from Nescafe.

We do everything for our Nesquick.
The only breakfast cereal is delicious.

Place the sky ramadan call!
Here is the expected burger king sultan menu
For the Ayranli area, Zütlü Datlı Dolcia gift.

Do you remember the last time you dreamed?
Once you had the idea of visiting the world.
You were going to marry in a country you don't even know.
You'd buy a motorcycle.
You would solve that equation that no one could solve.
You were going to sing a thousand people.
You were going to change the world,
You'd have a sketch,
But I guess not ama.

When did you resign?
When did you leave your dreams?
Now, think of them again,
Because we have an idea.
You can meet your lover who left you with a magnificent car,
You can have that house you've always dreamed of,
You can shop until you sell,
Abilir .mesela you can go on safari,
You can get to the ocean in a boat,
Yes, we have an idea!
An idea to restore your dreams.
FISH is all about dreams!
Well, do you have Fish?

That's your life!
When you look a little distance,
That's the trail you left behind.
We have a suggestion;
Avoid this routine! Fly easily! to another place in the world.
Leave more traces,
A new flight card from Is Bank.
The world is yours, use it well.

The days are chasing days,
the friendly service of the four-leaf clover and the reputation of its products spread from ear to ear.
Four-leaf clover conquered the hearts of more customers every day.

Credit card in the form of wristwatch,
Bonus Trink!
First in Europe!
From Garanti!
Anything else?

Thousands of Akbank s heart beats together with Turkey.
This power is looking for a better one.
Growing Büy
To enlarge ..
AKBAnK ...

Since the month of Ramadan,
Then you pay,
Do not say we did not hear,
Don't listen to the points,
Listen to me if you have Advantage!
Fill the food shopping cart, postpone for 1 month to pay.
Now it's time for Turkey Advantage!

I'm splitting it, but Pard.
I just forgot about my card in the ad ..?
Are you in a hurry?
Bonus Trink'ü boyle ink ..
BEEP! I know you paid !!!!
Didn't you see ...?
Well! I'm sorry, I'm disturbed.
(thinking öd.), I got into a taxi, I paid BİP,
I went down there, I went there… then im naptım ya ????

Time is changing.
Our view of life, rules Hay
Everything's changing.
To live every moment,
Change with Vodafone.
Vodafone! Live in the moment.

Who has the fastest internet in 4.5G?
The fastest internet at 4.5G is at Turkcell.
Even the most loaded emails!

You ask him to stop the film with one click, back it up, show him again.
So, you can watch the most exciting part of the film, head to head again.
Digiturk Plus!
The supernatural power you have.

Adventure, ever so excited,
Nature, ever so real,
Life has never been so colorful.
Realistic image quality,
Up to eighty percent energy saving,
The first LED TVs produced in Turkey,
Of course, Vestel!
At home with the world at the same time.
Vestel !!!

Arko When you shave with a shaving foam, you will definitely receive it.
Many times.
Arko Shaving series Ar!
To the man, the story back ama

Dove is different.
With a quarter moisturizing cream
Dove is more sensitive than soaps.
The secret to beautiful skin is moisture.
Because of this;
Ninety-four percent of women,
She's offering Dove to her best friend.

Feel energized all day long,
Lemon blossom with 24 hours of refreshment, this deodorant!
Isn't that amazing?
New Nivea deodorant Energy Fresh!

Those who know!
Excellent odor
Six weeks left.
Extra Soft!
Extra intensive, extra permanent

The sport requires courage Spor
Such as life..
Omo ..!
It's good to get dirty…

If you don't have your cell phone, computer, plasma,
Get it now Start paying in 2018
No installments in ten installments.
Evkur! Build your home!

On the one side of a car approaching water increasingly,
On the other hand you will use it.
Click on arabam.com, join the excitement, win the car.
Turkey! take your car.
I Arabam.co!

I don't need to fill the stadiums.
60 thousand people, to hear my name cry!
I don't need a fun club.
No one will come to me and ask for my photos.
And I'm never gonna sign off.
Tell me anyway?
Am I not an athlete?
Nike !!!

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