What is Radio Advertising?

What is Radio Advertising?

The impact of radio ads on consumers and lower costs than television and newspapers make the radio more productive than other media in promotional campaigns. In addition, it is more effective in terms of brand awareness and purchasing effect compared to television and press when used according to the right target audience. Accordingly, it appears that the radio is more effective in communicating with the consumer one-to-one. Giving importance to Turkey and doing radio commercials at all sacrifices to show their care, but with a much clearer research firm should be informed.

As a company that has done a lot of research on this subject, we observe and support the development of Turkish brands in this medium. Some brands we have witnessed in the past years radio advertising and promoted the use of 2 radio commercials instead of 1 television promotion, with the promotional price taking an average of brand recall rates. This is a connection with the target audience, and we can connect the radio to the consumer to have a more direct and emotional experience compared to the other channels, to enable the listener to make his / her feelings move more easily.

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