What is a Plug-in? How to use?

What is a Plug-in? How to use?

Plug-in programs, which are used in the form of add-on program are important. Plug-ins are available in three different formats: VST (Steinberg), Direct-X (Microsoft) and TDM (Protools). These products, which are quite cheap, are also very useful. Audio modules, compressors, equalizers, filters can now enter as plug-ins into a single computer in expensive studios. :

Here are the most basic plugins you need:

Soft synth: The y soft-syths gel corresponding to the audio modules are now at the top level, making it easy to get an unlimited number of sounds with your MIDI keyboard, which is not the sound bank.

Sound sampler (Sampler): Thanks to these programs, you can add more realistic or original sections to your edits.

Effects (Effects plug-in): While affordable prices are not as hot as analog, you can sometimes find effects that give even better results. EQ, Compressor and Reverb are the most important things to have at hand.

All of this is enough to record and produce music, but also a wave editor / audio editor program will be necessary to cut and paste the sounds in your hands. Many sequencers are now automatically installed in the program, but they have limited functionality, in addition to what they can do especially for programs designed for this job.

If you say ”I have a computer and I have no money to give to any software or hardware Eğer, I www.buzzmachines.co and download buzz tracker for free. It is a olan tracker hem type music program, in which both effects, sampler, soft synth and interface are different from the usual sequencer programs, some of which you will remember from Amiga times. Also follow our links section.

At the end of our proposal, you will be able to take a step with a minimum configuration in the world of computerized music, and you will start to see exactly what you need in time.

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