How to Identify Permanent Advertising

How to Identify Permanent Advertising

This sentence in Luke Sullivan's book: Selling Satan c is a very meaningful sentence, which emphasizes that advertisements must be based on creativity, but are also a product:, Advertising is half-art; the other half is work and there is a delivery date for both halves. söz The delivery date of course depends on the terms of the agreement between the advertiser and the agency. Ethical is that both parties comply with the terms of mutual agreement. Advertising is business, because it has rules, and whether or not these rules are applied is controlled not only by associations or other entities with professional self-regulatory mechanisms, but also by laws. There are certain production stages because ads work. They arise from an idea and turn into visual or written objects. Ads are business because they play key roles in brands' marketing activities and strategies. Ads are business because they are produced by many people. Ads work and therefore require discipline and seriousness. Every ad is a business, but every ad has to be, is not a high-level art product? This varies according to the brand, product, marketing strategy, target audience, and media.

Art is the expression of imagination and creativity with its most known definition. Advertising is art, because as I mentioned above, it is produced from the ideas of creative minds. Ads are expressions that simply place brand names on brand names, brand names, product images, or a product describing the product, away from the brand logo, the slogan, the product price, or the discount rate. Ads are art because they feed on imagination. Ads give hope, entertain, think, inform, redirect, and make ads different. Ads need to describe the product they are dealing with in the shortest sensing period. Although the process of producing requires a professional discipline, advertising is limited to laws and codes of ethics, but advertisements are intended to produce emotions in the target audience. It is more than just arousing buying behavior, it is aimed to create loyalty, to feel special, to make sense of product - service and brands, and to open the doors of different imaginary worlds from time to time. Do ads always carry a wake-up mission? Yes, because consumption itself is a collection of behaviors that are fed by emotions. And advertising is art, it goes through a painful process until it meets the target audience, but it often meets consumers for short periods of time. Even the simplest advertisements that seem to be very simple can occupy the memory of consumers for a long time and can be an example of mastery in the minds.

Whichever aspect of the press is heavy, the common feature of the ads is that they are collective products produced by a team. They require serious work and different expertise at every stage of the production process. In this sense, we can say that agencies that produce creative and productive minds produce products - services and art. Small or large enterprises that want to introduce, remind or adopt themselves and / or their brands to the market also have to work with these agencies that will market themselves in the most correct way.

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