How to Get Advertising What is Observed?

How to Get Advertising What is Observed?

The filming of advertising films goes through certain processes. The start of this process is usually about the advertising company's decision to advertise. When the advertiser wants to promote a new product or to expand a market share of a product, it decides on the commercial. According to the indicators of market analysis made for advertising purposes, it may decide to make a commercial film. Two important points are calculated when the company decides to advertise. The first is whether the advertiser has already made a commercial. The second is that it needs the first commercial film. Advertising films are a form of publicity that requires high costs and is shown in seconds. If the advertiser decides for the first time in the advertising film, he or she is looking for an advertising agency to do so. If he has done such work before, he has already applied to the advertising agency he has worked with before. By presenting to the advertising agency, the advertiser makes the goals, the features that he wants to be used.

From this point on, the advertising agency selects either its own team or one of its production companies, and prepares the script of the commercial with it. So it prepares the ad text. In a short time of the commercial film scenario, we work on the complex design, transmitting clear messages. The messages given should be kept in mind and attract attention. In addition, the advertising film, the advertising company, should bear the qualities that express the corporate identity. The advertising agency decides the film's genre, film, or music, or just the text or image or story, the type of film in which the dialogue takes place. Creates the main theme.

Slogans, spots, and ad text to be used with the main theme. The production agency gives cast service to the advertising agency. Research and trials are conducted for the selection of music. Suitable and appropriate players are available. According to the design of the advertisement film, the tools and equipment to be used are provided. The construction company shoots the film. The decision on which channel the ad will run will be selected by the joint decision of the advertising agency and the advertiser. Usually this is about the budget allocated to the commercial film. Because the cost of advertised channels can be higher than other channels.

For the commercial film, after the agreement with the related channels is made, it begins to rotate in the advertising publications. The advertising agency may then use market research to measure the responses of the target audience to the ad. Market research is also carried out after the advertisement is removed. It is measured whether the ad has met its goals. Ad has reached its goals; The increase in the sales volume of the products and services, the interest of the public is understood by the positive reactions.

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