What is Ready-Made? How to Make a Reward?

What is Ready-Made? How to Make a Reward?

Ready to respond to every question, ready to be answered in every environment, is the ability to create sentences that will save the environment from the silence of death even when you cannot find a word.

You want to be an effective communicator. You're full of ideas. When you try to speak, all your sentences may not look like a poem or a poet's lines. Even during the conversation, the words of each sentence may not be a part of the meaning richness. At this point, the most important thing is to continue talking without hesitation. Most of the time you encounter such questions that you may be surprised at what you say in a moment. However, you will never be under the promise when you win your talent. You can surprise people with unexpected outlets and leave them admiring your exits. Moreover, you can chat with people from all walks or groups of people in order to be able to speak even in subjects that you do not have deep knowledge.
Most of the time we may have to say things about which we do not have information. Even if we say blank words in terms of content, mek without hesitation “, we can overcome all the dangers. During the conversation, when we pause without saying a word, we damage our entire image. Empty, though
rational words will save us from shame.

There is a fact that we should not forget: When we come to the people to talk, people turn to us to listen. At that moment we all wish to speak successfully. Even better, those who listen to us deserve our success. If we fall into an embarrassing situation, the listeners are also ashamed of this shame. When we are talking, we must love and be successful to the people who sincerely expect us to be successful.
Our most important problem is not to say that we are deprived of saying. We know a lot of things. But. If we don't know how to use the cavity sentences ors all we have to say ends in a few sentences. We're stopping, we're clogged, and now all our conversation is destroyed. When we lose our courage we will not have the opportunity to express our other ideas. The following exercises will help us to develop a talent that is able to provide uninterrupted feedback while thinking on the foot. Please do this work as requested. Also, use each opportunity for similar exercises.

1. You should be able to make long conversations based on a single word.
2. When the idea gap is born, you should be able to fill the search with words related to the content.
3. You should be able to give surprising answers to questions that are not short.


1. Read each word below and create a sentence containing the word you read immediately. Make sure your sentences are not less than 6 words.
For example: ası Kalem ol - If there was no pen, it would not be possible to write thousands of books.

Eggplant Cucumber
Spring Red
Contact Sevgi directly

2. Now we will take our time to say a minute. You will talk for a minute on the words you will see below. Take care not to pause. If your thought flow is slow, you'll talk at a slow pace to save time.
Example: şey Sevgi gi - A lot of things were written on it. He is the most revered feeling in the heart of man. Nice to love and be loved. To love a child, to love a flower, to work, to love a vaccine. Life is based on love. Yunus said well: sever We love creation, because of the Creator ne. To me is to be a great person to love.
Don't we all want to be big? Then let's ignore love. Love is happiness. We are ready to sacrifice our days for the sake of happiness. What leaves us sleepless leaves us love. Yet love is a look. It's a rose. A solitude is love. We love our lungs every time you sleep. If we desire, we can see that all our cells can be filled with love. Eler Now it's your turn:

Sacrifice Breakfast
Child Light
Spring Fascination
3. Below are a variety of questions. You must answer at least 30 words for these questions. Even if only one word is sufficient for the answer to the question, you must extend your answer as much as necessary.

Example question: Who is your favorite person?
Example answer: I have a friend named Selim. The most benevolent person I know in my life, he is the most benevolent person. I'm happy when I see him. Who doesn't like a friend like that. I think he is the person I love the most. (31 words) im Now it's your turn:
-Are you glad to attend a nice speaking course?
- Is it going to rain tomorrow?
- Is it possible for us to learn the way to success?
-What are you most proud of?
-Would you beat your child if you were in the room?
- They say no one likes you. Is it true?
- Do you remember the late Turgut ÖZAL?
- Did you have a teacher that you hated?
-Would you give the money to a book at the cost of being hungry one evening?
- Will you get up early?
-What restaurant in Iskender kebab?
-Why don't you eat chicken?
- How did you strengthen your leave?
- Why are your eyes so beautiful?

4. You must be able to resume the conversation from where it left off. In the following example, two different ideas are left blank. You're the speaker. you give an idea first, and then you illustrate this idea. But the example does not come to your mind. You will use fill sentences that do not contain new ideas parallel to the sentence you stayed until you remember the sample. Be sure to use at least five sentences in between. The first example is prepared for you:

a) I know that if the human answer is very desirable, he can find the answer even in his dream. (Idea interruption: you do not remember the sample and fill the gap.)
What happens when you desire? Your desire does not go away from your mind. The desire is emotion. She always walks right in front of you. So much so that you always think about your desire. Even in your dreams, your desire wanders in your mind. It is almost as if the desire has been infused into the human's cells. Your heart will shake from your desire. Iniz Oh, if I can find the answer “. When you eat, your desire is in your mind. When you walk down the road, you always think of that desire. You'll finally see the answer in your dreams Sonunda

(Continued) The most interesting example of this is Elias Howe. When he saw the end of the spears of cannibals who stood without desire and stopped to finally discover the sewing machine and caught him in his dream, the idea was born to him. After this dream, he passed the bench and completed the sewing machine.
b) If you caress the head of an orphan, do you know what you can gain? (Fill the flow of ideas you've broken)
(Continued) The determination, intelligence and success of the orphan child will be improved by the confidence that the child will be able to take.
c) Do you know who set foot on the moon first? (Fill the idea flow is broken)
(Continued) It was Neal Armstrong who set foot on the Moon.
d) I would like to tell you the name of the woman who told you that we should come here yesterday and work hard. (Fill the idea flow is broken)
(Continued) That woman's name was Halime Yazgan.
e) Do you know what I'm going to say about your peace of mind? (Fill the idea flow is broken)
(Continued) I'm here to talk to you about ön the importance of intelligence development (.
f) Do you wonder how old I am? (Fill the idea flow is broken)
(Continued) Perhaps you are guessing; I'm 31 years old.

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