Ads That Create Your Own Brand with Examples

Ads That Create Your Own Brand with Examples

Can the advertising create its own brand? Or a design always with the same format and use, when people see it, yes, the idea that this brand can be advertised, does it mean that the relevant design is now a brand? Yes, in fact, this type of thinking in people to wake up, the way the preparation of the branding means. Nowadays, the majority of brands around the world also brand advertising designs. One of the most well-known examples belongs to Microsoft. Microsoft makes such designs that not only the design format or the logic of use, but the effect that the design uses in the design, even the way the light is projected, gives a sense of its design. In fact, even in the absence of any brand name or logo, or images of the company itself, it is similar to Microsoft advertising designs, or it makes people think or make certain expressions such as its own. This means that the advertising is far behind the brand recognition, and in this sense is quite advanced, the brand is not only known, but all modes of use are also known. It is very useful for people to know everything about a brand, but there are also damages.

Over the years, Microsoft has been designing the same type and branding the design style. This is what people can perceive as soon as they see it. Of course, this awareness applies to the products of the brand or to those who work in the areas it addresses. In other words, it does not apply to a person who has nothing to do with any product of the brand. Our age, technology age, internet, information work, computers, computer programs, such as products, other work around them, is dominated by this brand. All the experts or amateurs who work in these fields know both the brand and the design style. These areas are used by such a large mass, which almost corresponds to more than half of the societies. Such a large audience is the target audience of the Microsoft brand. Though recently, brands like Apple, HP, Asus etc. have grown enough to compete with Microsoft, and have even passed the brand in some areas. However, this situation does not adversely affect the brand's awareness.

While the aforementioned factors have benefits from the brand's awareness, the fact that the use of advertising designs is known at the point of their losses causes the messages in the designs to be overlooked. Because the designs bring with them a kind of habit. It doesn't surprise people, it doesn't arouse curiosity by making a difference. Therefore, if the brand signs any innovation, it is difficult to make announcements. People recognize designs but do not try to perceive them with great care. Even the innovations that the brand has made or will make are even predicted. This problem is among the reasons that make other brands stand out. Because they are trying to capture the striking advertising.

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