What are Effective Speaking Techniques? How to Apply?

What are Effective Speaking Techniques? How to Apply?

Human is born with the ability to speak. With this basic ability he learns the language of the society in which he was born.

The man has spoken since the day he was born. It's tens of thousands of years
means. However, the use of writing has only taken place over a period of ten thousand years. The article is an inadequate picture of speech.

No language is written on the earth as it is written and cannot be written as it is read (except Hiyelogrif Alphabet).
Speaking is a very complex structure. The non-scientific activity called diction cannot explain or apply the speech. A number of activities, such as artificial, artistic, are totally fabrications and harm to the natural language. Diction is a fantasy of the French bourgeoisie which is dedicated to Aristocracy. French theater used this fantasy as a stage speech in order to attract wealthy customers.

Beside the standard Turkish speech determined by Fonology, any toning (!) Study is absurd and abortion.

came to Istanbul before-century origins of these efforts in Turkey, Pere 'representation that third-grade French are the teachings of the theater and completely artificial and acquired this false information as uydurmadır.sahn speech, applied to Turkish by our enthusiastic Armenian citizens, then the same The wrong attitude of Turkish artists continued in the scenes. Agul Agop, Tomas Fasulyeciyan, Kınar Hanim, Ahmet Fehim and Muhsin Ertugrulun teacher Burhanettin Tepsi are some of these art enthusiasts. In the stage speeches of the urban theaters, this track is deeply deep like a tradition. It is ironic that there are traces of the third-grade French touring theaters and the enthusiastic Armenian and Turkish theater enthusiasts under the shade of the daggers in the beautiful black and white Yeşilçam films. We know from the correspondence that the State Conservatory was connected with the Republic. But the founder of the demonstration department, Carl Ebert, as well as a voice training teacher named Phung, brought him the fuss of applying the fabricated stage in German.

The Turkish Language Association, which consists of third-class poets, writers and literary teachers, is unaware of what is going on because it has fallen into a world of bee-like language.

It was still a positive attempt. A well-intentioned foreign language professor named Nurettin Sevin, who knows Istanbul well-known as the standard form of speech, has started to give lectures at the Conservatory to correct the situation. Even though he has published a book on Turkish phonetics, which is still valid even today, there is not much published.

Nurettin Sevin, who was already very young in the world, based on the science of Lenguistic and his phonetic work, could not be understood, met with great resistance. Ömer Demircan will face similar resistance in Turkish Language Society.
Currently in the acting departments of various conservatories and private speaking
It is the substructure and history of the courses that are carried out under the name of diction.

Linguistic, phonology and phonetic knowledge of a few teachers in recent times, although the efforts of teachers, these teachers do not have the ability to talk in the students create doubts and student's ear to erect the market again
It is.
The lessons given under the name of effective speaking can give positive results, provided that the teacher is well-informed about standard Turkish and has superior speaking skills. However, in a given acting work, turning the text into natural speech is possible with a sound phonetic knowledge and application skills.
Remedy: In the first place is scientific seriousness. These days, especially in the Faculty of Letters at Istanbul in Turkey, at Bogazici University, Language, History and Geography
In the faculty is distinguished by the science of language and its science of sound
studies are carried out. This is the subject of knowledge and accumulation speech lessons
This information can be processed as a hands-on conversation course by people with high speaking skills.
The fact that the term diction is not used and oddities are not made under the name of tonality may be the first step towards remedy.

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