How to Prepare an Effective Ad

How to Prepare an Effective Ad

I've looked at how effective advertising is known as the most important step in sales and marketing, and I wanted to share the results with you. Television; Since the information is a mass communication tool that we can see and hear, I investigated the effects of advertising on society through advertisements published in this media. The main reason for examining the effects of television commercials rather than advertising in mass media such as radio, newspapers and magazines; Having quite a common television viewing habits in Turkey. Television advertising effects and consequences, reveals the best way advertising culture and the effects of advertising in Turkey.

Keeping the advertising in mind is the most important factor in increasing the brand's recognition. So to be able to make effective advertising, the end can be predicted and replaced by ordinary scenarios; There must be creative scenarios that can attract the attention of the consumer. In the simplest form, the message should be explained to the consumer and a convincing language should be used without exaggeration. The fact that the message to be given in the advertisement is clear and easy to understand is the most important reason for increasing the brand's sales and promotion activities. According to research on the subject; the consumer likes advertising, and loves the brand and makes the consumer remember the brand more easily.

In the study conducted by Muehling and McCann; consumer's advertising attitude is divided into two as cognitive and emotional. Cognitive part; It is the section where advertising is disturbed, informative and entertaining. This section, which differs according to cultures, creates different effects for each community. we can see the ads rose in Turkey, it positively affects our attitude to the brand, any European country can reverse situation fully. Some societies expect a clear and realistic message from advertisements, while some societies are friendly and entertaining. radio tv ads can get more positive results. Status of the need to examine in terms of Turkey; the most popular social media and even in the ranks of the beloved comedian is starring in ads are often shared in Turkey, Turkey's giving a very clear attitude about advertising. The ads of popular comedies such as Cem Yılmaz and Ata Demirer have been successful in becoming one of the most admired commercials, and the brand also makes an effective advertisement. It is an indisputable fact that the popular series and film actors have a big share in effective advertising. Famous people such as Beren Saat, Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, Seda Sayan and Arda Turan are attracting attention in a short period of time. In short, not only famous comedians, but also popular celebrities are an important source of effective advertising.

The question to be asked about all of this is: Does the ad make a laugh and the positive attitude of the consumer towards the advertisement give the result that the brand is reliable? Just because the ad can be laughing, are the adverts that we really want to skip the details that need attention? The consumer in particular television advertising The point that should be considered under the heading is how reliable and credible the brand is. That's why we need to be aware of the fact that we're having fun and getting real information.

The consumer is not affected, the brand lost reputation; Ads with exaggerated slogans such as yönelik single-use silk-like hair iy or uzak single-brushed whitish teeth ayla are shown to be both credible and fraudulent. The consumer who decides on the product he wants to buy, wants to know in advance and to act accordingly. Another advertising scenario with a very low impact is advertisements that are considered annoying. Ads that annoy and irritate the consumer, as well as losing their effectiveness is causing difficulty in being remembered. So there is a negative correlation between effective advertising and disturbance.

Every culture has a different understanding of advertising and advertising. For this reason, brands should definitely take into account the wishes and tastes of the society to make an effective advertisement. entertaining ads in Turkey, while the best effect, convincing and sincere ads are also necessary to note that a considerable impact on consumers.

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