How will the future of digital advertising be?

How will the future of digital advertising be?

The digital world, the source of digital advertising, is wondering how the time will change. That's why we've compiled what Susan Wojcicki, Google's vice president for advertising, is most successful in running the digital ad.

Name: Wojcicki, who is among the speakers of the tech San Francisco 2013 conference, said that Google is working hard to make digital advertising more effective and useful in the following days. After almost 7 years, Wojcicki thinks that everything in a person's life will be digital, and in this case, most of the advertising budgets will be transferred to digital. Speaking to Forbes, the vice president talked about a number of ways they were trying to develop Bu

Consumer Wanted to See the Ad
Ads clicked by the consumer on the internet make money for Google. In order to make this better for both the consumer and Google, we will try to ensure that the consumer sees the advertisement he wants.

Adequate Value and Control
It is necessary to know the user well in order to make ads for the areas that the user is interested in. Because the advertising is relevant to the user, the areas that the user is interested in will be determined more clearly as the ad works.

More Interactive Ads
Working on the engagement advertising model, where interaction is greater, ads are working to make them more attractive. Just like the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch, it was able to watch the launch live from the consumer website. Such advertising models will continue to grow even more.

Connection Should Not Break
If users with more than one device cannot connect their devices, the user will be targeted, not the type of device with the philosophy that cihaz the important device is not the user Birden. In this case, the user will be able to see the ad that is interested in the device.

All Ads to be Measured
Google's gör Brad Lift dü ad research is a system that allows the user to make a survey about the ad. Thus, the effect of advertising, returns and whether or not the target group has been reached. With this system, which is thought to be applied to all ads, the effects of advertising can be measured more easily.

Google, the most successful digital advertising business, digital advertising to make more effective and profitable in order to be able to work on these five methods we began to work harder. Google plans to fully implement these methods in the following years, the tips of the direction of digital advertising has already given us.

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