What is Decibel? And Decibel Height Samples

What is Decibel? And Decibel Height Samples

What is Decibel?

The intensity of the sound is measured in decibels (dB). The ir 0 olarak decibel is considered the lowest sound that the human ear can hear. Ür 180 olarak dB is measured as the sound that the rocket emits at the moment of firlatilis. Desibeller increases and decreases logarithmically. This means. 20 dB is 10 times stronger than 10 dB. 30 dB is 100 times stronger than 10 decibels.

Approximate Decibel Samples (dB)
0 dB The lowest sound the human ear can hear
30 dB Fisilti, silent conversation
50 dB Rainfall, silent office, Refrigerator, Ventilation
60 dB Dishwasher, sewing machine, normal conversation.
70 dB Dense traffic, vacuum cleaner, hair dryer
80 dB Alarm clock, Metro; factory noise
90 dB Tiras machine, Truck traffic, Lawn mower
100 dB Snowmobile, garbage truck, music set
110 dB Rock concert, electric saw
120 dB Airplane airport, night club
130 dB Hammer hammer
140 dB Air rifle, air raid warning system
180 dB Rocket launcher

How High Can Desibeller Be Without Affecting My Ears?
Experts agreed that continuous exposure to sound above 85 decibels could be dangerous.

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