How to Advertise with Competitors' Advertising Slogans?

How to Advertise with Competitors' Advertising Slogans?

Firms use a specific slogan when introducing products and services into consumers' minds. For example; Nokia introductions ine connecting people “have placed their brand in the minds of consumers, with the slogan, connecting people tük, which have various connotations both on the emotional side and on the needs of today. If you are competing with a world-renowned brand such as Nokia, the company should always consider the option to re-place Nokia in the consumer's mind on advertising slogans. Let's assume that X is launched to compete with Nokia. Let us assume that the products of X are similar or similar to the products and services offered to the world markets such as the Nokia brand. If the X brand wants to attract the attention of the consumer, it should always refer to the Nokia brand in its promotions. It can be done. A message similar to the fiyat try people who connect people together, and now try to connect people at a cheaper price insanlar will re-place the competitor in the mind of the consumer.

At least the consumer will be able to distinguish this. Nokia products connect people, but only connects. The products of X are both the same and can do this with more affordable prices. If X is not a well-known brand like Nokia, because the advertising slogans used by Nokia are settled in the mind of the consumer, with the relocation slogan that X will use, both the X company's motto will be kept in mind and the recognition of Nokia will help to remember. So a brand like Nokia will be effectively rebuilt into the mind of the consumer but placed a little more in the background. The promotion will create significant impacts on the placement of the products and services of the companies in the minds of the consumers. If the counter company's advertising slogans, signs, phrases, messages to consumers, narratives, and indicators are examined in serious and detailed manner, a similar element can be used.

Re-placement of competitors with promotion may not be made by simply offering alternatives to the advertising slogans that can be used. As we mentioned above, resettlement methods can be developed by using many elements. But the most important of all, remembering the message that evokes a known, recognized brand, is the validity of the alternative or the service you offer with it. This type of messages, a large brand will take the front, a product image and trusting the image of a company that creates a sense of image, while at the same time a more appropriate offer and a factor in mind will be passed to consumers.

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