What is Chin Gymnastics? How to do chin operation techniques?

What is Chin Gymnastics? How to do chin operation techniques?

The role of the jaw is very important in good speech. All letters in all languages are spoken using the jaw. During the conversation, the jaw must perform different movements in succession. The jaw opens, closes, narrows, expands. The lower jaw moves back and forth. The bone structure of the teeth in the upper part of our mouth is fixed. Therefore, all these movements are performed by the muscles that manage the lower jaw. Note: When we remove da III da, the jaw is forced backward. When you remove the açılır aaa ından tone, it opens from its level downwards. When we make ır the hoot m, it is forced to move forward. When you say açılır what “, it opens and opens. When we say ır You kapan, it closes first, then opens and then closes again. All of these extremely complex but really complex moves perform at incredible speed.

We may have problems using our jaw. When the jaw muscles are not developed and unstable, we cannot make different movements regularly and smoothly.
In this case, some jaw movements are lost and this loss also creates a loss in sound. The other important problem is ”jaw stenosis Diğer. Turkey is said to be a common jaw stenosis in society. Narrow jaw voices open and rounded voices. For example, anlaş aa ”can be understood as” ii Örneğin. Ilabilir Ooo ”can be understood as“ uuu “. If we cannot use our jaw sufficiently healthy, we may have problems in removing all sounds.

How to do chin operation techniques?

The following exercises are intended to provide the jaw opening and ensure that our jaws are comfortable for every movement. You must perform all exercises with extreme exaggeration.
a) Hold your hand on your lower jaw and shout ize high en. Make sure that your jaw is pushed downwards. So make sure your muscles are pushing your chin down.
b) Massage your cheek bones with both hands. Pull your palms towards your lower jaw and open your chin.
c) Press both hands with your fist under your chin. Open your lower jaw, push your head back and close your lower jaw. Open your jaw again and push your head backwards. Do it again.
d) Open and close your jaw quickly. The accelerated.
e) Move your chin back and forth quickly.
f) Rotate your chin quickly with circular movements

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