What is the method of acrostis? How to Apply?

What is the method of acrostis? How to Apply?

What do you think about learning some of the memory techniques used by people and researchers who have specialized in memory techniques and how to apply them?

Akrostiş Method:

Using the first letters of the sentences to be memorized, the method of acrostis is meaningful or rhymed, another word or sentence that is more permanent in memory. Here we have two main words; meaningful and rhymed. Some acrostised words may be meaningless, but have a rhyme and a permanent feature in memory. for example; ”SSK EB,” MoNE K. Some of the words that are acrostised can be meaningful. For example, işi SENI İ acrostic.

Application Example:
In the grammar lesson, there are subject of adjective verbs. The main adjective filer are; an (en), asi (esi), maz (mez), ar (er), dık (steep), will (will), mış (mish).
You can save them in your memory as follows: şu Mother will grave the tomb. Sıf Then the teacher will write and use the problem with your adjective verbs as follows; An - ası mez - ar dik - will

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