What are the rules of advertising preparation?

What are the rules of advertising preparation?

Sometimes people want advertising to be a science. But unfortunately, this is a very difficult situation because the limits of advertising is not clear. It changes with each passing day and shows different characteristics. It is a space that needs fineness, which needs to use the current, in other words it needs to be fed with fresh blood. Last year, one of the elements used in advertising, while affecting people at the highest level, this year does not affect them. In fact, this is more related to the expectations and expectations of the consumers. But no matter what the reason, to define the advertising, can do and to determine whether they can, this subject is his interest, the subject does not exist. Everything is within the scope of advertising. It could be anything but nothing. He can use anything. Things that can be called for advertising; creative, original, trend, remarkable, is to be striking. So advertising can never be a branch of science. To attract the attention of people, to impress them, to convince them, to fulfill their desired behavior is a few of the purposes of advertising. But even these could not be formulated enough. Even their limits are unclear.

The structural features, thoughts, expectations and demands of consumers are changing day by day. In fact, it is an advertisement of the most important factors that determine the constantly changing situation of consumers. On the one hand, advertising is constantly changing, while on the one hand they must follow this change with great care. Because when he calls them later, he will have to use their language. They will appeal to their likes and wishes. Therefore, it will be necessary to follow the consumers continuously, to ask them questions, to learn their tastes, to share their expectations, to follow their progress and to determine the strategy. Moreover, they should act by estimating the darker side of consumers. The darker aspect of consumers is the fact that the advertising cannot be revealed either by advertising analysis or by measuring the responses to other research or ad campaigns. As is known, the effect of advertisements designed and published for consumers on consumers is not fully solved.

Many researchers still mention how the tools, equipment, indicators, symbols used in advertising cannot be clearly determined. This situation is related to the fact that consumers watch their advertisements and watch their reactions between the four walls. But there is also a fact. Even if consumers can watch advertisements and analyze their reactions, the result may not be a match between the effect on consciousness and the response to the image. Sometimes, the consumer may not have been able to get all of them on their own.

In other words, we do not have the chance to fully analyze the emerging consumer responses. That is the dark side of the consumer. Since this cannot be known, the advertisement will always have to act by calculating these reactions with the highest probability. In addition, a defined, bounded definition of any advertisement will not be made.

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