What is Advertising Jingle? How is it prepared?

What is Advertising Jingle? How is it prepared?

Advertising as known; It is the communication medium where the companies, institutions and organizations convey the characteristics of their products and services to their target audiences. The forms of communication used by advertising are changing and diversifying day by day. Advertising films that attract both visual and auditory and perceptions attract the attention of people. Because they deliver advertising transmissions as a whole. Sometimes advertising, sometimes with entertaining dialogues, daily life, including the features of the relations involved in advertising, minds are carving their brands. The ad is trying every way when contacting the target audience. Apart from films, it attracts attention with its striking spots. It is also made with thoughtful, attention-grabbing audio texts, or it attracts people's attention with only one image and one sentence.

Advertising jingle is also one of them. It is one of the methods of advertising communication, leaving even the most powerful impact. Cinderry Jingle uses the common language of the whole world, namely his music. With a well-planned strategic advertising work, a music is chosen that can represent the company, people can enjoy listening to, or inevitably stay in mind. In the same way, the appropriate tone is selected for this music. When choosing music and sound, it is very important that the brand or company concerned awaken the feelings that are appropriate for its mission and vision. The music or sound chosen should make you feel the desired thought and feelings. Those who want to be given, trust, enthusiasm, joy, innovation, curiosity, melancholy, etc are used to select those who are closest to giving these feelings or to produce them.

Advertising jerseys, advertizing agency or (PR) through market research companies. Cıngıl demanding agencies, advertisers, etc., which the musician both the company and the advertising product will provide the products or services. Based on this, the production of music that can be used begins. At this point, the music that the musician does under normal conditions leaves the music to be made here. The main thing that is desired here is that the music is suitable for the script text and the spots. In fact, basically the musician is asked to leave as a music producer and think and feel like an advertiser. Creative features such as creativity, practice and mastery are also requested by the musician. The music is very short, given in seconds. Therefore, the convenience of the music to express the best advertising is important. After music is produced, music, sounds and scenario are assembled.

Music, sound, and theme are important in TV advertising journals. Whereas radio ads Since there is no visuality, music and sound are becoming more important here. Nowadays, when advertising journals are broadcasted on television, that is to say, when they are in the ear, it is adapted and broadcasted on the radio, assuming that the subject is already known.

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