What is a commercial film? How is it prepared?

What is a commercial film? How is it prepared?

Advertising films are known for television channels, cinema and internet channels. The most common of these are television introductory films. Films for television; There are advertising films, animation films, jingles, advertising films consisting only of images and writings, spots, advertising films created with the animation of articles together with dozens of different design structures and themes. Nowadays, most of the time they are broadcast on television, the audience has the most. People spend at least a few hours at the head of each day, depending on the intensity of their day. The people we mention here are usually working people. In the morning and evening, children watch television channels broadcasting themselves. Housewives keep their televisions open during daytime. Hence, television introductions are watched by almost every cut, at different times, but in absolute terms.

Advertising film productionare generally designed by agencies. In line with the aims and needs of the company, the agencies, together with the production company, prepare the films with the support of the actor and the promotion agency. She works as a scriptwriter and co-writer at film, and works as a text writer, art director and filmmaker. Sometimes it is written jointly, sometimes by a copywriter or an art director. After writing the text, the screenwriters make it a script. Films of the film production, the production company makes. The actor and publicity agency also provide celebrities, theater actors, film actors, dancers, dummies, people with a normal and particular character, who are intended to be used in the film. The same agency supplies and makes use of the tools and equipment required for the film.

They are also published in cinemas. Films that are in sight are broadcasted at specified times before they start. Likewise, in the internet channel, films are broadcasted and presented to the users. Nowadays, videos made for this purpose are on the agenda. As it is known, after the shooting of the films, in post production works, in order to be able to show the presentation in different channels, all the formats that are required to be shown in CDs, videos and on the internet are being prepared. After the introduction videos, these videos are published both on the official websites of the related companies and on the basis of the person-to-person distribution.

The fun of the promotional films, the use of celebrities who are loved by the society and the target of the consumers are monitored. Publicity films are watched from almost all channels. In addition, the technology used in promotional films is developed and attracts the attention of consumers with new elements.

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