What should be watched in advertising film?

What should be watched in advertising film?

First of all, target audience and features are investigated before preparing advertisement film. Target audience characteristics are analyzed within the framework of the nature and sector of the product or service produced by the company and to be presented to the market. First, he has to take into account the emerging characteristics of his target audience. What has emerged in the characteristics of the target audience; aspirations, expectations, characteristics of the social environment they enter, levels of consciousness, searches, deficits, needs, wishes, happiness templates, etc. can be elements. While determining the slogans of the advertisement film, the most prominent of these features are identified and produced in a way that will remind them of this element, present their aspirations to them and think that they will meet their expectations. In addition, depending on the characteristics of the target audience, it is determined that they watch the television or the film they will watch, how long they watch and how long. According to him, the duration of the advertisement is determined. The time that will not tighten them is treated and presented with topics that they cannot prevent from watching.

The shooting areas of the film are chosen from the places that the target audience likes and where they can be happy to be there. However, the same selection criteria apply to the players used. The favorite of the audience is determined by what he wants to be like, what he wants to be dressed like, what can be admired by him. Again, depending on the knowledge, consciousness level and status of the target audience, the music is chosen or produced in the minds of the social circles, their music choices and their life perspectives. All these processes, such as the slogan, music, actor, gravitational field, materials used, etc., are all interrelated and parts of the whole. This whole seems to be the characteristics of the target audience in the first place. However, during the preparation of the campaign, ie during the design of the advertisement, each part of this whole is associated with the company, its brand, its products or services, its properties.

At this point, the colors, music, slogans, faces, clothing of the players, the objects in the places where they appear in the film, the equipment emphasizes the same target. In other words, brand, product or service is transferred as if they are part of the target audience, what they want and desire. What is important here is that the duration of the film does not depend solely on the target audience. The firm's budget for this film also plays an important role. Designers, directors, ad text writers draw the strategy accordingly, when determining the duration of the film. But no matter how high the budget is, they don't prefer a film long enough to squeeze their audience. In a commercial film, every gesture of gesture, every element on the player, is used as a square frame deliberately and is associated with something.

Recently, competition in the markets began to rise, products and services increasingly diversified, with the awareness of consumers, marketing and advertising concept, in order to become a brand, consumers, products, services, began to pay attention to create emotional ties between the brand. These are joy, peace, ego, pleasure, acceptance, love, sexuality, power, power etc. These are offered by brand, product, service

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