Izmir Radio Frequencies & Channel List (Updated 2019)

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Izmir Radio Frequencies 2019 Total reading time 3 minutes.

Izmir Radio Frequencies & Channel List (Updated 2019)

Izmir based on broadcasting and types; Arabesque, Fantasy, Thematic Karma, Religious Broadcasting, Culture and Arts, Foreign music, Turkish pop, Mixed Music, Turkish Music, Turkish Folk Music, Games Weather, News, Sports, which broadcasts in Sufi music style of Turkey's most current radio station we list the frequency list with you. All of these radio stations of all genres and categories Izmir radio channels frequency list information you can learn from the lists below and share with us as a reference.

102.0 in Izmir is on the air Sound of Anatolia Radio place took a major attack in Turkey in recent years and which has an extensive network throughout the broadcast Head Radioleft. 102.0 in Izmir starting from frequency, Head RadioWe wish you success in your new frequency.

The frequency information of local, regional and national radios broadcasting in the Aegean Region is also included in these lists. Many radios Izmir Radio Frequencies with Radio Frequency of Aegean Region our list was prepared without repetition. At the same time, you can easily access all the radios of our list on their website with one click. List of current radio channels of 2019 in that;

Izmir Radio Frequency & Channel List

87.7 Slow Turk National English Slow
88.0 Trt Radio 3 National Classic music
88.3 Erkam Radio Local Religious Radio
88.5 Radio Cordelia National Turkish art music
88.7 TRT Tuning National Turkish art music
89.0 Radio 35 Local Turkish pop
89.3 Alem FM National Turkish pop
89.6 Show Radio National Turkish pop
89.8 TRT Tuning National Turkish art music
90.0 İmbat FM Local Arabesque & Fantasy
90.3 Diyanet Kur'an Radio National Religious Radio
90.5 Number 1 FM National Foreign music
90.8 Super FM National Turkish pop
91.0 Uhud FM Local Religious Radio
91.2 TRT FM National Urla
91.5 Radio Sports Local Spore
91.8 Radio Vatan Local Turkish pop
92.0 TGRT FM National News
92.2 Radio Aegean Post Local Arabesk & Türkü
92.4 Sound of Meteorology Local Meteorology
92.7 Radio Aegean Local Turkish pop
93.0 CNN Turk Radio National News
93.3 Can Radio National folk song
93.6 Western Radio Local folk song
93.8 TRT FM National Turkish pop
94.1 TRT News Radio National News
94.3 Country Tv Radio Local News
94.5 Power Pop Local Foreign pop
94.7 TRT Radio 1 National News, Culture, Mixed Music
95.2 Country Radio National News
95.4 Ege FM Local Black Sea Songs
95.7 NTV Radio National News
95.9 Number 1 Turkish National Turkish pop
96.2 King FM National Arabesque & Fantasy
96.5 Kordon FM Local Turkish pop
96.7 Police Radio National Turkish pop
96.9 Accra FM National Religious Radio
97.2 Metro FM National Foreign music
97.5 Radio Call Local Turkish pop
97.7 Joy FM National Foreign music
98.0 Radio Phenomenon National Foreign music
98.2 TVnet Radio Local Foreign music
98.4 Best FM National Turkish pop
98.8 Religious Radio National Religious Publication
99.1 TRT Izmir Kent Radio Local Turkish music
99.3 Pal station National Foreign music
99.5 King World Radio National Foreign music
99.7 Haberturk Radio National News
100.0 Power FM National Foreign music
100.2 TRT Haber radio National folk song
100.5 TRT Türkü National Turkish folk music
100.8 Radio Ege Campus Local Turkish pop
101.0 A Sports Radio National Religious Publication
101.3 Radio 7 National folk song
101.6 TRT Türkü National Mixed Music
101.8 Buca FM Local Arabesque
102.0 Head Radio Local Arabesque
102.3 Samarkand Radio Local Religious Radio
102.5 Radio Music Local Local & Foreign Classic
102.8 Bayram FM Local Religious Radio
103.1 Virgin Radio National Foreign music
103.4 Radio Romantic Turkish Local English Slow
103.7 CRI Turk FM Local News, Music
104.0 Radio D National Turkish pop
104.3 A Haber Radio National News
104.5 Tekbir FM Local Religious Radio
104.7 Coast Guard Local Mixed Music
105.0 powertürk FM National Turkish pop
105.3 Star FM Local Mixed Music
105.5 Radio Viva National Turkish pop
105.7 Radio Mega Local Turkish music
106.0 Joy Turk National English Slow
106.3 King Pop National Turkish pop
106.5 Radio Seymen National Game Games
106.7 Vav Radio Local Religious Radio
107.0 Radio Slowtime Local Foreign Slow
107.3 Pal Nostalgia National Turkish Classical
107.6 Radio Hercules Local Religious Publication
107.9 Radio Pause Local Turkish pop

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