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Uzbek Voice Over

Uzbek Voice Over & Dubbing Examples

Today, the number of film watching is increasing. Films are sometimes intended to be published in their native language. One of them, the Uzbek language, is manifested in different media. Thanks to the voices, it is tried to create the feeling that the film is being watched in the mother tongue. In this way, viewers can easily learn about the film and understand events more easily. The art of vocalization began to come to Istanbul from foreign countries in the 1970s. It has made great progress with films, cartoons, documentaries and series in original language. Dubbing is also known as dubbing art all over the world [...]

Portuguese Voice Over

Portuguese Voice Over & Dubbing Examples

With the development of technology day by day, the importance of electronic media has increased. Technology is at the highest level of information technology. At the same time, e-commerce is taking the place of real exchange day by day, which makes the computer environment reach a much stronger rate. E-commerce is now growing in real trade with the world. Now, like every country in Turkey more emphasis on foreign trade source waters. With the opening of the economy abroad, the advertising works on this subject are also important [...]

Romanian Voice Over

Romanian Voice Over & Dubbing Examples

The audio sequence is the process of translating speech in movies from a language into a different language. Romanian voiceover is one of these processes. Speaking is very important. Because the voices of the person as if they were original, the emotions should be revealed with a tone of voice to the audience that moment. The sound is done in the sound studios. This process consists of stages. First of all, the film is purchased by any institution, etc. the director first monitors and assigns one of its directors for the voice over. The original text of the movie is given to the translator before the voice, and the translator translates it into Romanian. Romanian voiceover [...]

Russian Voice Over

Russian Voice Over & Dubbing Examples

We continue to be selected for the best voiceover service! With the technology now, the world is in our hands. With the dissemination and development of technology more and more areas, we have a significant amount of life in every moment of our lives. The development of technology in most of Turkey's and other countries in the world that allows a user to interact more closely the case. Turkey 's most in Russia in one of the countries where shopping. Our relations with Russia are gaining a very high level every day and in this way, in every issue of economic or social [...]

Turkmen Voice Over

Turkmen Voice Over & Dubbing Examples

For people to know the language, to understand, to speak, to talk to another language is gaining more importance in every passing period. This situation should not be seen as knowing only one language according to the rules of grammar and transposing it within certain rules. Because there are an unlimited number of languages and millions of people who speak this language. Of course, the use of language in different areas has gained great importance. The language used in a theater scene, for example, with the language used in the fields of everyday conversation or a [...]

Ukrainian Voice Over

Ukrainian Voice Over & Dubbing Examples

Films made in different languages can be adjusted according to the language of the country where they will be broadcast. Voice, shot, film, advertising, television broadcasts in the language of the language of a different voice is repeated. It will be easier for citizens in the country to be published in this way to understand what is meant in publications. Vocalization can be done in many different areas. Everything that has been done in different languages can be translated into a desired language by a new voiceover. Voice over can be done in every language. Film and commercials can be performed by women, children and men. Ukrainian vocalization [...]

Greek Voice Over

Greek Voice Over & Dubbing Examples

In the general sense, if the definition of the voice over, the speeches in the demonstration are created in a professional environment and adapted to the display. As it is a form of description that is literally personal, it has a great importance in representation. The fact that a character fully reflects his personality, diction and emphasis is very important. Film and advertisements, which have shown great changes from past to present, come to life with the contribution of many artists. Since the period when Yeşilçam films were in our country, [...]

Call Center Announcement

Phone Prompt Announcements & On-Hold Musics

Power Plant Announcement and Music The smiley face of your company starts with the announcement of your customers who call you before the hot announcement of your telephone operator and the announcement of the station. In today's technology age, companies use many power plant announcements, different brands. Why is the announcement and why should it be prepared by a professional team? My Production, which has been in this sector since 1999, is the leader of this sector with its well-known and trusting voices from the theater, radio and television world. My production team's years of experience and [...]

Corporate Movie Voiceover

Corporate Promo Films in 70 Different Languages

One of the most important tools that enable a company to communicate with individuals and institutions is promotional films. What makes the introductory films the most effective is the introduction of the promotional film. No unremarked promotional film hits will have a dramatic impact. If your company has prepared an introductory movie that affects the masses, but you are looking for an effective sound that will perform this promotional film, My Production is at your service with the conditions that will satisfy you. Without a text-free introductory film, there is no introductory film without vocalizing it. My Production introduction [...]

TV Ad Voice Over

How To Make A TV Commercial Voice Over?

Generally speaking, when you look from the outside, fun and easy-to-see vocalization is essentially a challenging task that requires great care and many steps of work. With the development of vocalization technology, which has a great importance in the proper transfer of the characters in the film or in the advertisement to the audience accurately, it is now possible to provide even more favorable conditions compared to the past due to the increase in the diversity of technological tools. In addition to many works such as advertising news switchboard, My production also offers TV Ad Voice announcing services by taking advantage of the increasing technological advances [...]


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